Level 5

Heaven on Earth


The latest addition of the Divine Healing Master Key series has arrived on Planet Earth.

The theme for this advanced group is simply “Heaven on Earth”. Indeed, living heaven is an inner choice, not a place. For 2021, as humanity and planet Earth go through a great time of change, the group will be held online. Participants are invited to create a sacred space for the 6 days of the retreat to invite this reality of Heaven on Earth.

There are several charts on relationships, sexuality, work and roles. As with all the other levels, inspiration from the Angelics, Star Beings and Elohim are the guiding principles.

There is a wonderful set of new charts which include the following:

  • Blissful Sleep
  • Healing Sexual abuse and sexual trauma
  • Past Life Roles
  • Clearing limiting Identities and Roles
  • Heaven and Earth bud Essences
  • Needs and desires in Relationships
  • Expectations in relationships
  • Enhancing Psychic abilities
  • Activating your Gene Code
  • Work: Heaven or Hell
  • Harmonising Sensual and Sexual desire
  • Clearing Past Life sexual traumas
  • and lots more……


” I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to you and Chintan for a beautiful, transformative week of deep healings, shifts, learnings and realisations. It was a privilege to share this high-frequency retreat space with you and with everyone in the group. It’s a rare gift to be held with such love, compassion and gentleness as we were throughout. 

As ever, I am awed by the power and elegance of this work, and what is possible for us when we open up to healing our deepest wounds and raising our consciousness. I left the group having made beautiful new connections, feeling more confident in myself and with even more profound tools for self-healing and helping others. The charts in this level are so powerful – I’m already seeing a marked improvement in my sleep, and that’s just one shift. Divine Healing truly is magical!”                                 Harminder Sehmi, London

“This level was again another deeper step into self-knowing and healing. It covers super important areas of life, that we usually ignore and yet have huge impact on everything in our life. After the group I felt much more empowered, much more confident and couldn’t wait to come back home to work with it more. ”                                                                           Amrita Slaninkova, Slovakia

“I have attended all levels of Divine Healing from 1-5 and I have loved attending each and every one, as at each level, I have learnt so much about this beautiful tool and I have been able to practice and receive the healing as well. It is like attending a spa retreat instead of a training session and I feel that I have grown more and more and I am now accepting and loving myself with grace and ease.  Level 5 Divine Healing in Corfu was a magical experience and Ahlmeirah is a wonderful teacher, I would recommend anyone to attend this wonderful course, you will love it.”                        Sharon, London

“From the first announcement of the Divine Healing 5 course, and the theme Heaven on Earth, I knew I had to be a participant. It has been almost a year now and I can honestly say that I am fully embracing and manifesting my heaven day by day, month by month. I have been opened to the vast realms and dimensions that hold influences effecting this experience in third dimensional life.

Adding this level to my practice has greatly expanded my Divine Healing practice, and has allowed me to personally clear deeply, open for higher integrations, new awarenesses and opportunities. In a quickened and effective way I have been able to let go of stressors and can more easily own my past, and current, choices and manifestations. This was not without dedication, courage, belief and the loving and brilliant tools and support offered by Ahlmeirah. For the first time, in this incarnation, my Ego is in it’s rightful place, as servant to my Higher Self! I am eternally grateful for this work.”                                                                                Linda Sloan, Arizona, USA

Workshop Details:

Location: ONLINE

Exchange: £550

Deposit: £110

Dates: 11-13 July and 15-16 July 2022

Times: 9.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. UK times,

(4.30 am to 11am EST, 3.30 am to 10 am CT, 2.30 am to 9 am MT, 1.30 am to 8 am PST, 10.30 am to 5pm CET, 5.30 pm to 12 midnight Japan time)

Spaces are limited  so please book your place by calling Ahlmeirah on +33 (0)4 68 74 93 58 or email her