Energetic Imprinting Reabsorbtion

Do you feel a need to clear or break damaging
karmic relationships with ex-partners,
ex-friends, work colleagues,
parents and children?

This technique dissolves the energetic imprinting within your fields from these individuals using vow breaking processes and DNA surgery  to:

  • Dissolve each aspect of the imprinting individual’s soul contract energy from your fields
  • Cleanse or break the associated soul contract linkage with the imprinting individual so as to have either a more transpersonal relationship with them or to disconnect from them completely at an energetic level

This frees you of the intensity and heaviness of their influence.

Prerequisite: Basic Lightbody Integration Work This is essential so that you have raised the frequency of your  energy system sufficiently so you can cope with the enormous power of these vow breaks.


“As soon as the session (to remove the imprints) started I felt loads of stuff lifting away and a huge amount of love inside me, I felt deep love for everyone.  I became much more confident too.”  Suzan Joy Wells

Sessions are available either in person or by phone within the UK and internationally

Contact Chintan on +447835899250 or by  email to make a private session booking 

Price £85 per hour. The session usually takes 2 hours.

Ahlmeirah is not doing private sessions at the moment
Email Ahlmeirah or contact her on +33 (0)4 68 74 93 58

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