Effects of Etheric Crystal Removal

Etheric Crystal Removal:

In the etheric blueprint body, there are twelve-sided etheric crystals and other structures that act as “circuit breakers”. We call these regulator crystals. These crystals were  placed  in the blueprint body before incarnation. This is all part of the creation of the illusion that we are small and limited human beings. It assists us in “forgetting” our multi-dimensional nature.

Ninety percent of people have what we call a “standard issue” of twenty crystals. They keep certain Light connections from being made in the etheric blueprint body thereby preventing certain perceptions and abilities from manifesting physically. Some of these “circuit breakers” inhibit:

  •  clairvoyant centres
  •  telepathic centres
  •  pscho-kinetic centres that control visualisation of upper-dimensional geometries and motions
  •  reception and decoding of Light Languages
  •  being fully embodied
  •  energy in the spine
  •  the amount of Light your body can absorb, thereby creating a spiritual ceiling
  •  5th dimensional functioning of the heart chakra
  •  5th dimensional functioning of the third eye
  •  4th eye functioning
  •  the auditory and optic nerves
  •  polarity balance
  •  unified chakra functioning
  • multi-dimensional access
  •  self confidence and focus
  • deeper openings of the heart chakra

As Higher Light pours into the etheric blueprint, it is as if pressure builds up around the crystal and it may manifest physically as sharp pains in the head or chest, spasms in the neck and shoulders and sudden deterioration of hearing, vision or thinking. We place these regulators prior to incarnation to help usforget who we are and why we are here. At this time of planetary Lightbody transformation, limitation is no longer necessary and it is time for these structures to be removed. The removal of these crystals can have a strong effect on your sense of self as the limited consciousness held by them is freed up.


There are structures that have lain dormant, awaiting activation by Higher Light. In this portion of the procedure we activate:

  • The 5th dimensional functions of the third eye
  • The three seed crystals in the forehead that decode Light Languages
  • The recorder cell receiver crystal that accepts information and skills from the Akashic recorder crystal
  • The 4th eye is necessary for upper dimensional sight. For 5th dimensional and above sight, we perceive through the heart chakra, which translates into   visuals in the 4th eye and its interpretation occurs in the 5th dimensional structures of the 3rd eye
  • The centre core of Light
  • The Alpha and Omega “chakras”. These have been vestigial in the human species. The Alpha, located 20cm above the crown chakra, connects to your immortal  Lightbody in the 5th dimension. The Omega 20cm below the base of your spine, connects you to the planet as a hologram. When they are activated, a triple sine  wave moves between these two points through the centre core of Light, called the Waves of Metatron. These consist of magnetic, electric and gravitational  waves

Possible Effects of Etheric Crystal Removal/Activation:

  • Feeling like the ceiling on consciousness is removed
  • Clearer thinking, right and left brain synchronisation, non-linear thought
  • Better dream recall, lucid dreaming, dreaming in dimensions higher than the astral plane
  • More focus, self-confidence, centredness
  • Gentle or sudden openings in psychic or multi-dimensional perceptions. Spirit determines the timing and intensity of these openings. More       multidimensional access and articulation
  • More experience of your Mastery and Divinity
  • Deeper communion with Spirit. Much easier to recognise and follow a spiritual signature
  • Alleviation of physical pain. Spontaneous physical, emotional or mental healing
  • Electrical energy running under the scalp and down the spine
  • Blowing lightbulbs, fuzzing stereo speakers, radios and television
  • Lightheadedness, floating sensations, vibrating or shaking, rushes of energy in or around the physical body, out of body travel
  • Sudden infusions of light causing mutational symptoms, i.e. nausea, body ache, diarrhoea, rashes, more ringing in the ears, blurry vision, irritability,   emotional clearing
  • Changes in the shape of the cranium

You will probably need more water and more sleep over the next few days after having your crystals removed.

If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to call Ahlmeirah on +33 (0)4 68 74 93 58 or email her.