Ascension Activations and Tools


by Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire & Nicolas David Ngan


This MP3 download provides a tool kit of commonly used processes that support the lightbody integration work. These include:

  • The Unified Chakra meditation
  • Quadruple grids for personal and space clearing
  • The Blue Sphere for maintaining energy integrity
  • A Grounding process
  • Entity Release process
  • Cellular integration for embodying more of your Higher consciousness


"Thanks SO much for the MP3 – I just love it; have been working with it this past week or so and feeling more in balance every day. I especially love the unified chakra meditation – i came across this on the internet many years ago and then lost it somehow… revisiting it reaffirms a memory that knows the resonance of the unified chakra so well… it is already very deep and profound and brings this wellbeing more to the surface of my consciousness, more enlivened in my body and somehow is enabling me to walk forwards with greater personal mastery. This is especially welcome as these past weeks/months have been filled with pitfalls and deep often difficult emotions. I feel as if I am remerging, more whole than before… until of course the cycle continues and i seek huge growth and expansion again! Anyway, I love the MP3! Bright blessings and love"


Priya Mahtani, Lotus Blue, London, United Kingdom

Price: UK+International £12.50