Karmic Matrix Removal handout

A Karmic Matrix Reabsorbtion/Divinity Activation is a deceptively simple, highly effective technique for the reabsorbtion of 3rd and 4th dimensional dysfunctional patterns and the activation of Divine identity, context, reality measurement, pictures of reality, skills, abilities and perceptions. Basically it can change your life radically.

This is a fantastic process for anyone going through a rapid growth process, a spiritual crisis, a walk-in or a reincarnation in the same body.

Because it is so effective, carefully discern whether this technique is appropriate for you at this time and whether it is truly the will of your Spirit.  If it is not the right time, not much will happen.This work reabsorbs patterns holographically from your entire incarnational grid across space and time all at once and brings all the incarnate facets of the Oversoul up to the same speed so there is no “Drag Weight” any more. It affects every person you have ever had contact with and makes the karmic patterns less available to the hologram as a whole.

This technique is designed for Dedicated Lightworkers and is not appropriate for someone enmeshed in the 3rd dimensional world. When awakened Lightworkers look at their lives they see lots of little patterns and pictures of reality that limit their effectiveness in Creating Heaven on Earth. For a Lightworker the KMR experience is ecstatic. KMR is based upon the principle of “ask and it shall be given”. We as the facilitators do not remove the karmic matrix. Your own Spirit reabsorbs the matrix and activates higher dimensional qualities, pictures of reality, identity and higher brain functions which allows for rapid manifestation of 5th dimensional experiences. We hold the space and lead you through the formal asking. So, if you are not “ready” for a KMR, i.e. you are not being guided by your Spirit to do so, you may feel little or no effect.

Pre-Session Instructions and Explanations

  1. It is vital that you arrange to have 3 days off work or major responsibilities after a KMR.
  2. Avoid anything violent, movies etc as you will be very sensitive to this.
  3. If you are living in karmic situation, we suggest you move to a hotel or B&B for 3 days.
  4. You will probably need lots of extra sleep and lots of water for 3 days after this work. Epsom salt baths are also helpful as well. Use 0.5kg(1lb) of salt,   with a few drops of lavender oil sprinkled in, for up to 20 minutes, once per day for the 3 days after the session. It is IMPORTANT to ensure that your   head does not get too hot by placing a rolled up wash cloth soaked in cold water on your forehead and resoak it regularly. If you feel that this bath   process is too much for you, stop immediately.
  5. The transformation is in three stages:

First three days: Your inner reality landscape reconstructs itself. You may not be able to hold a thought in your head and may feel like you were energetically hit by a truck. Splitting headaches can occur.

Next three weeks: Your outer reality shifts and people drop in and out of your life. If you have been doing karmic monads(polarities) or co-dependence with someone, that person will pitch a fit. Parents are likely to call because the parental cord gets cut.

End of next three months: You will look back and may see the entire basis for your reality has changed. The changes may not be traceable because they are holographic and happen everywhere at once.

A cocoon is infused at the end that is made of interlocking fibres. It is designed to screen out other people’s telepathic images, monads, cords, thoughtforms and emotions. It gradually moves away from the body over three weeks, growing thinner all the time and dissolves at about the three-week point. If you encounter any negativity in that period say “Please tighten cocoon”. It will tighten back to its original position but move out faster afterwards.

A complete and sudden life shift can occur. Any relationship or situation may go into crisis, release or disappear. You must be prepared for an enormous amount of change in a very short period of time.

You may find yourself speaking the Truth very directly to people without any emotional softening of your tone. This will ease off after the first three weeks.

Sudden personality/identity shifts can occur, as lots of matrix is self-karmic. If your identity is based on dysfunctional patterns of limitation you may go through an identity crisis or breakthrough into a vaster multi-dimensional reality.

Change in relationships can occur. Those that are karmically based are likely to dissolve. Those based on Spirit will strengthen.

Descensions of Spirit are very common after a KMR, and are often very intense with lots of physical manifestations such as shaking, rushes, dizziness and nausea as Spirit shakes out density, stuck emotions and closed systems.

There can be a deep sense of freedom and completion of the old game of limitation.  A new vision and determination opens up. The old world dies and the new world is born simultaneously. It drops out the time lag between the reabsorbtion of dysfunctional patterns and the activation of a new vaster vision from Spirit. We encourage you to focus on your new life that is emerging rather than the old one that’s leaving. It makes integration faster and less traumatic.

The entire integration process can take up to 6-12 months.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call Ahlmeirah on +33 (0)4 68 74 93 58 to discuss.