Soul Contract Reading

Soul Contract Reading is based on a system of numerology that uses Hebrew glyphs. Nicolas David Ngan and Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire teach this ancient method in the UK and give Soul Contract Readings for couples, individuals and businessesIf you could find out why you’re here and what you’re for – what
your purpose is in life – would you leap at the chance, or run from the responsibility of knowing such a truth?

Soul Contract Reading goes to the essence of your life purpose, describing your talents, karma and goals, and how to apply them in the earthly demands
and spiritual calling of your life.

Soul Contract Reading incorporates elements of the Hebrew alphabet, Kaballah and astrology.

The purpose of Soul Contract work is to help mankind understand incarnated life. This system was used in ancient times but was lost. It was felt that humanity was ready to receive it again so it was channelled to Frank Alper from the soul of Moses in the late ’70s.

It is based on the 22 characters of the Hebrew alphabet and the six-pointed star, which has become known as the ‘Star of David’

In Hebrew, letters and numbers have the same sound and symbol. Hebrew is one of the five sacred languages from which all reality emanated, so the numbers were created in total purity.

An incarnating soul chooses what it will experience in order to grow, and before a baby is born the parents often know a child’s name intuitively. The sound of the name creates the Soul Contract because sound is creative, as in all creation myths. This name carries the energy the soul will live.

When the soul embodies, the Soul Contract is translated into a Karmic Matrix. This is a fine cobwebby structure that sits on the surface of our body and in our fields. It radiates out to the reality to create the experiences encoded in it. It is literally the set of experiences at a physical and spiritual level that a soul sets out to experience in a lifetime.

Soul Contract Reading is presented on a Star of David. The triangle pointing towards Earth represents the physical energies in a lifetime, and the one pointing upwards towards the Universe represents the spiritual energies. Each corner of a triangle contains a different aspect: karma, talents and goals.

A karmic aspect is the lessons the soul has come to learn – not punishment, just lessons. These run throughout the lifetime. They can be very intense at first but the intensity decreases as you learn from them and this can become a great strength for the personality.

The talent aspect contains latent energies that need to be developed to work through the lessons of the karmic aspect and to achieve the goals.

In the goal aspect, energies act as an incentive in someone’s life. They are the dream we are striving for all our life, that we may or may not achieve.

As we move through life, all six aspects of the chart are running simultaneously. The physical triangle is usually predominant up to the age of 35 years. After that the spiritual triangle becomes more predominant.

The sum total of these six aspects produces the seventh aspect, the Soul Destiny or Life Purpose, which is placed in the centre of the Star.

To obtain your reading, the name on your birth certificate is converted to Hebrew phonetically, letter by letter. In Hebrew there is no separation between consonants and vowels, numbers and letters are the same.

The sequence of numbers is placed around the Star of David for each letter in turn, starting at the physical karma point, working around the star in a spiral as many times as needed. The numbers at each point are added up to get a total, which is read as two numbers, representing the polarity of life. The ancient energies of these Hebrew letters channel through during a Soul Contract reading.

When a soul incarnates and activates the Soul Contract for the lifetime, it creates a brand new personality that has to learn to function on the Earth plane.

Between the ages of 35-42 years, the spiritual triangle starts to become more predominant and people often go through the most change and question what they are doing in their lives as they start to feel there’s got to be more to life than going to work, paying the mortgage and raising the kids. They may change careers, leave relationships, enter into relationships, some even change countries as they search for deeper meaning to their existence.

The system is a powerful counselling tool that can be used in relationships, personal development, and business. A business is an external manifestation of its principals’ Soul Contract energies and the more closely they are aligned, the more successful it will be as it is helping them achieve their life purpose. It can be used to align the energies of business and service/product names more closely to the personal talents, challenges (karma) and goals of the principals and their business objectives.

The birth chart is the dominant set of energies in a lifetime. The effects of a name change through marriage or adoption is an overlay of energies on the birth chart but doesn’t change  the core essence of your life’s purpose.

Princess Diana Case Study

Physical Karma 14-5

These are spiritual and creative energies in the physical part of her chart. 14 in a karmic position is about intense relationships to learn self-acceptance. The 5 in a karmic position is about becoming assertive, stepping out in the world to say things as they are. It is also about learning to use her intuitive power. Diana may have felt like a misfit in society and been hypersensitive. This can lead to bouts of depression.

Physical Talents 20-2

These numbers are about communication. The 20 is creative, flowing, flexible, versatile and inquisitive. As these were talents, Diana had a drive to explore new experiences. She was always restless, seeking new goals. Saturn is associated with 20; accepting duties and responsibilities, being patient, organised and reliable. The Moon is associated with 2 and indicates she was sympathetic,
nurturing, supportive, resilient and wise.

Physical Goals 17-8

The 17 is about communication, creative use of intelligence, and about Diana’s thirst for knowledge, becoming a teacher and seeking freedom from oppression. The 8 is about her connecting to society. She was learning to reach out to people. She was also developing clairvoyant abilities. She was a high frequency soul who had to ground herself so she could speak her truth in a way people can relate to. Its star sign is cancer, indicating an imaginative, sensitive, protective person. This is why she became the people’s champion.

Spiritual Karma 10-1

The karmic lessons of the 10-1 are about Diana learning to overcome denial of Spirit within herself and trusting her intuition. She had to overcome being over-critical and perfectionist. She would have felt insecure and been judgemental in life. The 1 is about learning to unify consciousness with Spirit. She experienced misuse of power and addictive tendencies and cravings. The 10-1 indicates she was here to follow the path of Spirit but had to work hard at it.

Spiritual Talents 12-3

The 12 is about expansion and expression of love and knowledge. The energies of its star sign, Libra, are harmonious, romantic and idealistic and the ability to be in balance. The 3 is about communicating ideas, concepts and feelings from deep within oneself, from the soul. It is very intuitive and creative. It contains the energies of Mars – leadership and initiative.
The 3 takes the love and knowledge of the 12 and shares it with the world.

Spiritual Goals 10-1

In this position the 10-1 indicates that Diana was striving to become stable and to use her spiritual power properly in the world in service to others. Her life’s work was to come into full soul consciousness, where the soul and the personality have the same feelings and thoughts at the same time.

Soul Destiny 11-2

Diana’s overall soul destiny from all of these energies was to build a strong structure of truth, love and knowledge and to be resilient in sharing it with the world.

Reproduced with the kind permission of Kindred Spirit

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