Integration workshop for Walk-ins

Manifesting Divine Purpose                                   

  • Do you feel you have something special to do and can’t quite remember what it is?
  • Are you feeling lost on Earth and looking for structure to enable you to manifest your true purpose in life?
  • Are you struggling to embody and express your true self?

This workshop is designed to meet your special needs as a walk-in by providing:

  • A supportive and loving space to share and accept your walk-in experience
  • ·An overall Walk-in Integration Map to guide you through the entire process
    •  The Landing: How to cope with hypersensitivity, confusion, schizophrenic/ depressive symptoms, isolation and loneliness, feelings of dying, exhaustion,    memory loss, changes in personality/goals/interests, allergies/auto-immune problems
    •  Soul Integration: Embodying your new soul and developing a relationship with your Body Consciousness
    •  Clearing Your Body: Healing the emotional dysfunction within your body and the shock and grief of the walk-in.
    •  Managing Your Relationships: Partners, family and friends
    • Manifesting Your True Purpose
  • Tools to help you raise your frequency
  • Learn about your Soul Type and characteristics
  • Advanced DNA Processes to Align you to Earth, your Body and your new Soul
  • Tools for discovering your True Purpose
  • Process for Aligning to your True Purpose
  • Previous Attendees will receive a significant update on the latest walk-in Integration Tools
  • You will receive an updated Course Manual

What people have said:

I am so grateful that I could experience such a beautiful time with you and the whole group. It was a very transformative meeting for me in the space of understanding my path here and now, all the emotions and processes of the last 3 years. This group allowed me to regain a sense of belonging and gave me tools to cope with myself in everyday life. I‘m in a joyful connection with my Keepers this is completely new experience. Thank you so much for everything 💖✨ and for this beautiful time together and Your Cosmic Magic.

Aneta Bilinska, Poland

I feel like more of my soul came in and I became more connected. I would definitely recommend the workshop to other people. I really enjoyed when I did it. I felt my life had shifted on.

Ruth Wynnick, Tuffnell Park, London

I liked getting together with people going through similar things to me, because it is something you feel quite alone with at times. It was all a gift, being in a safe space, a loving space, which was beautiful. It has moved a lot of things, the alignment with life purpose, the aligning with more of me. Bringing more of me in, which gave me more focus really. Working with Almeerah and Nicolas has been the greatest gift of all. When I met them, I just knew it was the right place to be.

Patrishia Anjela Lehmann, Derby

Before the workshop it felt like something I knew I wanted to go on and it felt like a luxury. Afterwards it felt like it was essential that I had been on it. I had an information gathering perception beforehand; afterwards it felt really essential that I experience a workshop with other walk-ins, learning about other people’s experiences. Getting a much better feeling of what’s involved. The workshop made me have a much greater experience of how single-minded we have to be about our integration and healing. It’s like the Matrix is going to keep running unless you do something about it. It’s active engagement…this is serious. It took me from this dream, when I walked-in and wandered into this surreal dreamlike world where I had all these amazing experiences to “OK this is real”.

I would highly recommend the workshop and I feel having experienced it that it is essential for walk-ins to attend. It will help ground their experience in this dimension and it gives a sense of the ongoing steps we can take for our own integration.

Kamerine Neo Ama, Croydon

Before the workshop I was feeling lost, fragmented, disorientated and anxious.
Journal entry day 1: “I have a new start in a new life. I feel very together, very at peace, very strong, very integrated.”
Journal entry day 2: “I’m coming back to life! so happy so centred: I’m whole again (new me) I CAN GO FORWARD NOW

I would whole heartedly recommend this workshop hearing the experiences of others was very supportive and reassuring, giving an opportunity to network if desired .The workshop content gave me valuable new tools and the means to create a new structure within which to live, ways of developing and progressing in my new life. The healing and guidance I received during that time gave me glimpses of my new path and enabled me to see the new me emerging, strengthening and reinforcing who I now am. Can’t thank you enough Almeerah.

Aisha Jackson, Hurstpier Point

Thank you so much for a beautiful integration workshop for walk-ins. It was a truly memorable event and I much appreciated all the work and preparation done by you to facilitate such a healing and joyful two days. P. S. I loved doing the walk-in suit process! I think it works!

Jo Espir, East Devon

The workshop with Ahlmeirah surpassed my expectations. I was anxious and nervous though also unusually joyful before arriving. The processes I was taken through were powerful enough to convince me that something was happening at a very different level than what I was used to: as a psychotherapist of many years, I have been accustomed to having cathartic experiences and gaining healing insights from uncovering unconscious patterns.
But this was so different: after a year of suffering at a physical/emotional/mental and spiritual level, I was simply stuck. None of my tools was helping me move beyond the problem.
At the workshop, Ahlmeirah took us through meditations and processes which gave me a new dimension literally to work in. I am deeply grateful and highly motivated to apply what I have learned. I am now really excited about growing further because I understand so much better that this is now possible! There is a saying in French: “Plus ça change et plus c’ est la même chose.” (The more things change, the more they stay the same) and that is so true in the 3rd dimension – but not any longer for me and the courageous souls who participated with me in the workshop! Growth is a true possibility! I intend to make it my reality. I am so grateful to Ahlmeirah and look forward to deepening my connection with her and her work.

Magdalene Tamara Callea
Verwood, Dorset

I feel at home in this group, with family, I can really be myself…

Cinthia Selenia
Bracknell, Berkshire

Teacher: Dr Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire

Location: Online via Zoom web conferencing

Exchange: £292, Non- refundable deposit of £85. Previous Attendees £130

Date: 17-18 February 2023

Time:  9:30am-5:30pm UK time, 10.30 am -6.30 pm CET, 4.30 am to 12.30 pm EST, 3.30 am to 11.30 am CST, 2.30 am to 10.30 am MST, 1.30 am to 9.30 am PST

Call Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire now on +33 (0)4 68 74 93 58 or email her to book  your place.