Divine Healing Master Key

  • This workshop has been designed for those people who are interested and open to working directly and co-creatively with Divine Intelligence through their  Higher Self, to facilitate healing and reconnection to Spirit at all levels.
  • This powerful training enables the many aspects of our consciousness to heal and transform permanently and effectively. It is for those who are fully committed to raising their consciousness.

Next Workshop Dates: 24-26 June 2011  Click here to find out more



  • The aim of this workshop is to give you the tools and perspective to navigate the tremendous changes happening right now to human civilisation and consciousness
  • You will learn how to move towards Creating Heaven on Earth in your life

Next Workshop Dates: Was 4-5 June now Late Autumn 2011  Click here to find out more


Manifest Your Soul’s Contract

This is an invitation to become empowered to work consciously with your Soul Contract on a day to day basis in a fun and experiential group. To:

  • Achieve greater awareness of your lessons, talents, goals and life purpose
  • Open to and activate more of your potential
  • Learn to flow with each moment and extract the nectar of life

Next Workshop Dates: To Be Decided Click here to find out more


Integration Workshop for Walk-ins

  • You came all this way, billions of light years, dropped multiple dimension and went to all the trouble of walking in on Earth. What for?
  • Do you want to integrate your walk-in and fully express your deepest soul purpose?
  • Are you feeling lost on Earth, struggling to embody and looking for structure to enable you to manifest this purpose?

Next Workshop Dates: To Be Decided  Click here to find out more


Pathways To Abundance

  • Step into the flow in every aspect of your life
  • The key to manifesting your abundance is to clear the blocks to it including unworthiness, low self esteem, fear of success and belief in limitation.
  • Learn to tap into your unlimited abundance potential on this workshop

Next Workshop Dates: 10-11 September  Click here to find out more

The Goddess Within

  • Do you feel disconnected from your Inner Woman?
  • Has your femininity been distorted or wounded from living in a “man’s world”?
  • Would you like to reconnect with your Divine Feminine?

Next Workshop Dates: To Be Decided Click here to find out more