Soul Contract Vow Break

Do you feel a need to accelerate your
progression through your Soul Contract?

Have you noticed that you are repeating
patterns unconsciously?

Has your awakening process been speeding up recently?

This technique directly accesses and dissolves primary karmic patterns and enhances the talents and goals in your Soul Contract to accelerate your growth. Vow break and infusion processes and DNA surgery techniques are used to:

  • Accelerate the dissolution of layers of karmic programming specific to your Soul Contract. The amount dissolved depends on the amount of emotional transformation work you have undertaken
  • Accelerate the manifestation of your talents and goals and soul destiny
  • Maximise the catalytic effect of name overlay energies from all significant names and relationships in your lifetime so as to enhance your growth

Chintan helped me to break the vows associated with characteristics of contraction (shyness, lack of self-worth, difficulty expressing emotions, difficulty reaching out to others, etc.), and then we activated the opposite characteristics of expansion.  I saw the characteristics of contraction rise up on plate and disappear into the light, and I could see and feel the characteristics of expansion descend into my body.  

My 9-9 physical talents numbers are the highest possible number combination, and Chintan overlaid 13-4 to tone this down and allow more balance.  My 4-4 spiritual talents are a bit low, so he overlaid 9-9 to add more power and 8-8 to ground me in the Earth.

This was an extremely transformative session, but it didn’t seem so at first.  Afterwards, it didn’t seem like much had happened until I went to bed that night, and my unconscious mind was unable to recognize me as me.  In my dreams, I walked through doorways that transported me to new and different places, and I realized that it was not possible to return to the people and places that I had left behind.  When I woke up the next day, it was clear that major changes had taken place inside me.  It has been wondrous getting to know my new and improved self with fewer limitations.” Shalomar Loving

Sessions are available online only (on Zoom). Session pre-requisite is to have undertaken the basic 6 Lightbody Integration sessions up to Activations and recalibrations.

Contact Chintan on +447835899250 or by email to make a private session booking

Price £85 per hour

Ahlmeirah is not doing private sessions at the moment
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