Soul Contract Reading Training Level 1

Would you like to assist people to:

  • Place all of their life’s apparently disparate experiences into context?
  • Understand their primary lessons in life?
  • Understand what their relationships are teaching them?
  • Understand their true purpose for being here?

This Training will give you the tools to do this.


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Divine Healing Master Key

This powerful healing training is designed to open your channel to work directly with Higher Self to clear the many layers of programs and blockages we hold.

It is an initiation into your empowerment and accessing greater levels of love.

You wil learn how to heal both yourself and others.

check out the videos from the last workshop

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Lightbody Integration Training

For those who wish to assist others to reconnect to, embody and express their Spirit at a profound level we offer a comprehensive training in the Lightbody Integration work which covers:

  • Body Consciousness Realgnment
  • Nephillim Soul Removal
  • Etheric Crystal Removal/Activation
  • Divinity Threshold Removal/Activation
  • Higher Light Integration
  • Karmic Matrix Reabsorbtion/Divinity Activation + Specialised Integrations
  • Ze-Yod Spectrum Alignment

Dates: TBA

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