Astral Devices

We put these in place in our energy fields just before incarnating in order to create our life experience and to block the energy and consciousness flow of our Spirit. Astral Devices limit our consciousness level and can be the cause of many weird and uncomfortable symptoms.

Many of these devices come from past lives

Removing these devices unblocks your potential, frees your energy and body from limitation and raises your frequency and consciousness level.

Lightbody session 4 with Chintan involved removing energy parasites and plates (astral devices) that prevent the flow of energy between the chakras.  Removing the Atlantean collar from around my throat involved a vow break.  It seemed surreal to me that I somehow made a vow to not express my personal power to sway people or lead groups.  The Atlantean collar came with a boobytrap that Chintan had to remove first.  Then I broke this vow.  There was also a vow connected to a plate in my brain that I needed to break.It seemed surreal that there are parasites in other dimensions that feed on our spiritual energy.  Chintan removed an anemone parasite from my brain and cosmic ticks.  When Chintan was removing an asthma band and soul breath plate, I saw a cosmic tick (a round ball of light with triangle shaped feet) on my heart center.  I felt the largest shifts in energy in my throat, brain, lungs and stomach. Throughout this session, Angel Metatron was on my right side pulling large amounts of dark energy out of my body into his.  It didn’t seem possible that there could be that much dark energy inside me.  As Metatron pulled this energy inside himself, I could see dark patches of energy on his face and body.  Periodically, he burst into light and transmuted and expelled that energy.This entire session was magical.” Shalomar Loving


Body Consciousness Realignment

Etheric Crystal Removal

Divinity Threshold Recalibration

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