Astral Devices

We put these in place in our energy fields just before incarnating in order to create our life experience and to block the energy and consciousness flow of our Spirit. Astral Devices limit our consciousness level and can be the cause of many weird and uncomfortable symptoms.

Many of these devices come from past lives

Removing these devices unblocks your potential, frees your energy and body from limitation and raises your frequency and consciousness level.


Body Consciousness Realignment

Etheric Crystal Removal

Divinity Threshold Recalibration
Sessions are available either in person or by phone/skype within the UK and internationally

Approx Two hours: £89 per hour with Ahlmeirah and £75 per hour with Chintan.

Contact Ahlmeirah on 0870 165 1476  or by  email to make a private session booking or contact Chintan on +447835 899250 or by email