What is lightbody?

Appeared in Paradigm Shift magazine in 2003

Our planet and the whole of humanity is currently rising in frequency. This is what we call ascension. It is coupled with infusions of higher frequencies and the subsequent letting go of lower frequency thoughtforms and emotions such as fear, grief, shame, and belief in limitation. Our consciousness is expanding daily as we remember our Divine connection, as we remember that we are a spark of God who went to sleep and forgot who we were.

As more and more higher frequency energies descend into our physical bodies some of us experience uncomfortable symptoms. We have headaches, pains in our neck and back. We wake up feeling tired. We experience intermittent numbness and tingling. We may have difficulty talking and comprehending and feel that we are loosing our mind. We can feel disorientated, shaky and on the limit most of the time. Our vision may be blurry or we may see geometries and symbols. We may feel like we are loosing our memory and be spaced out and ungrounded. We may have a lot of trouble digesting.

These symptoms are caused by our Lightbody activating and mutating to a higher frequency. The Lightbody is a higher dimensional body of light which contains our Divine Image as a perfect being. It is also our Merkabah, your vehicle of Light for ascending to the higher dimensions.  However, this Lightbody is dormant in most of us. There are about 3000 different ways of ascending and therefore just as many ways of activating the Lightbody. When the Lightbody is activated, we have much greater access to our Divinity. Eventually as we ascend the physical, etheric, astral, causal, electromagnetic, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies all merge into the Lightbody and we turn into a pure being of Light.

In order to go to sleep and forget that we are a spark of God we put in place many different energy structures in our Lightbody before we incarnate in order to shut it down. These create the illusion that we are limited by blocking our higher dimensional functions and access. As the higher frequencies descend these etheric and astral structures overload, causing the above uncomfortable symptoms. This can make us feel really blocked, as if there is a ceiling on our consciousness.

In the late 1980’s Archangel Ariel, channelling through Tashira Tachi-ren of Angelic Outreach brought through a system of Lightbody Integration to assist and accelerate the ascension process. This work removes the blocking energy structures and activates the dormant Lightbody. Lightbody Integration is a karmic bypass technology not subject to the rules of karma i.e. cause and effect. This means that you awaken in consciousness more rapidly than was originally planned without having to slog through so many karmic issues.

There are up to 20 sets of 5th dimensional etheric crystals located in our heads and upper bodies. These block higher dimensional capabilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis, clairaudience, the translation of Light Languages and the ability to visualise upper dimensions. They also prevent the male and female energies in the body from merging and block primary life force flow down the spine and pranic tube. They keep our hearts closed and prevent us from grounding and make us feel confused and sometimes crazy. Their removal floods our system with the Higher Light of our Oversoul in order to raise our frequency and consciousness.

Divinity Thresholds are a set of 7th dimensional plates and rods which are primarily located in the pelvic area, legs and spine. Their purpose is to prevent us from embodying the Divine Image(Adam Kadmon) of man. When these get overloaded you may feel depressed, blocked and ungrounded and experience lower back pain. There are also astral structures, often related to past life experiences which block energy flow. When these are removed our potential is freed up.

Our body’s consciousness is a separate, sentient being in it’s own right called the Keepers of the Human Legacy. These are elementals whose job is to create and maintain our physical and energy bodies from the time we are conceived. They also have the role of keeping us in maximum separation from God. This is all part of experiencing disconnection from our Divinity. Thus a conflict is created as more and more Light enters our bodies. This makes us feel scattered and off balance most of the time and creates the feeling that we are fighting our body.

As part of the Lightbody Integration work, a communication link is established with the Keepers. This realigns them so that they work with the soul instead of resisting the Light. As a result of this, healing, meditation and all spiritual practices become easier. We can experience spontaneous healing and generally feel more grounded, calm and focussed. This process was originally developed separately from the Lightbody Integration work by Cheryl Merrill and has now been integrated into it to ensure smoother absorbtion of the Oversoul’s Higher Light by the physical body.

Once the body consciousness has been realigned and all the etheric and astral structures have been removed our energy system is now ready to have the dormant Lightbody activated. This involves calibrating 10 circuits in the body and rebuilding the axiotonal system. This is the 5th dimensional life force system of the body. Our primary channelling/intuitive link to our Oversoul is tuned up and our multi dimensional brain is kick started. Finally we are reconnected to our tube of Light from our Oversoul which is our way home to God.

Archangel Ariel has also channelled through a very powerful process for expanding and accelerating human consciousness called Karmic Matrix Reabsorbtion For those of you who have seen the movie “The Matrix” this is the equivalent of taking the red pill. It has the effect of clearing a very big chunk of our cultural and karmic patterning in a very short space of time. Those of us who undertake it perform a planetary service as it affects everyone we have ever known and all our other incarnations across time and space.

There is a Divine timing in receiving this work. When we follow our inner guidance, the result is powerful expansion and awakening of consciousness and rememberance of who we truly are.