Activations and Recalibration

The final part of the basic lightbody sequence:

  • Activates dormant Light Language receptors and recalibrates Metatronic energy flows. This floods the etheric body with Light
  • Reconnects you more fully to your Oversoul (Higher Self)
  • Recalibration of 7th dimensional flows and structures to assist you to ground more of your Spirit into you physical body below the ribcage
  • Overall it assists in reconnecting you to your Being, embodying more of your Spirit so that you can follow the flow of your intuition more closely and live Heaven on Earth.


Body Consciousness Realignment

Etheric Crystal Removal

Divinity Threshold Recalibration

Astral Devices

Higher Light Integration
Sessions are available either in person or by phone/skype within the UK and internationally

Approx One hour: £89 per hour with Ahlmeirah and £75 per hour with Chintan.

Contact Ahlmeirah on 0870 165 1476  or by  email to make a private session booking or contact Chintan on +447835 899250 or by email