Reincarnation in the same body

A Reincarnation-in-the-Same Body (RSB) occurs when an embodied soul takes on a new, more enhanced, soul contract when the existing one has been completed. This process can be conscious or unconscious. If unconscious, Spirit initiates a trauma, like a near death experience, illness or accident to enable the soul to briefly leave the body and have its new contract infused

If conscious, it usually occurs in meditation where the person is often offered the choice of a Walk-in or an RSB. Many are choosing RSBs, as they want to stay to see what happens down here in this time of great spiritual transformation. The subjective experience can be feeling like fine white mist leaving the body and entering the void, which is the space between the dimensions, where the frequencies of the new contract are infused, then coming back into the body after a few minutes. This can be a very blissful experience. The majority of RSBs have near death experiences to trigger the event and usually feel they are living on borrowed time.

This can look like a Walk-in due to the drastic personality, habit and preference changes, which often occur. However, RSBs know they are still the same core soul. They just feel there is much more of them here now, like they just woke up for the first time. This can send those around them into chaos as old relationships and situations just don’t work for them anymore.

It normally takes two to three years to integrate the new contract and the personality can feel without purpose. They can feel like they are in the void, “lost in space”, disconnected from Spirit and any previous intuitive or channelling connection they may have had. The original energy bodies are retained, so they have all the karmic patterning, mental body beliefs and emotional body attachments of the previous soul contract as well as the new patterns that came in. They often feel really tired as a result of all the old karmic matrix, emotional body attachments and mental body closed systems in their energy bodies. Subjectively their energy fields feel really “thick” and heavy as entities arrive to feed off the old patterns. This is the primary cause of the tiredness, which is associated with this experience. Most of their energy is spent clearing these patterns, during the two to three years in the Void, especially with family members and those close to them.

Approximately 75% of RSBs are wrapped in an etheric cocoon, which emotionally shields them from the energies of those around them. If they don’t have one, everything is over stimulating and can make them sick and they want to retreat from the world. Spirit gives no input on the contents of the new contract until the cocoon is off or integration is complete. This is generally extremely frustrating. So, an RSB integration will save them from having to do the integration process the hard way as it will clear the fields and physical body of all the old patterns of the previous contract and allow the soul’s new purpose to come through.

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