Higher Dimensional Space Clearing

A Higher Dimensional Space Clearing (HDSC) is the process of clearing the negative energy interference around a physical or energetic  space, e.g. a house or the energies of a business, that are blocking the owners energies from moving forward in their spiritual growth or mission here on Earth. The Law of Opposites manifests resistance to us moving forward in consciousness when we are about to make a break through. This takes the form of the Matrix trying to stop us raising consciousness too fast by blocking us when we hit certain threshold levels of consciousness. e.g.

  • A house sale gets held up just when it looks like it was about to go through
  • Lots of barriers are thrown up to moving out of a property
  • A spiritual business starts to suddenly slow down when it was going really well.
  • An individual is cutting a new pathway within the Earthly Matrix designed to bring in new frequencies or a new paradigm and starts to experience a lot of external interference in the form of things slowing down or just not working at all.

A HDSC uses an adaption of the Karmic Matrix Reabsorbtion process on a physical or higher dimensional space to clear out the interference wherever it resides.

A four hour higher dimensional space clearing with Ahlmeirah and Chintan was transformed from a clearing for my house into a clearing for the entire state of California.  I began by facing my difficult purchase of this house.  The former owner, a police officer, agreed to sell, and then he changed his mind and decided that he wanted to keep the house for the summer.  He had no respect for women or his female real estate agent, and he asked me to meet him in a bar.  He said, “I am hispanic, and I will be sitting with my daughter who has large breasts.”  He agreed to sell the house, but his real estate agent had trouble getting him to remove his furniture and belongings from the house.  After the house was mine, some of his belongings (including a gun in the closet) were still in the house.  I changed the locks on the doors, moved his belongings in the storage area under the house, and I wrote him a letter telling him that he dishonored himself and his profession.  When he showed up to retrieve his belongings, he started thumping his fingers on my chest trying to provoke a fight.  Clearing the energy of this man from this house was a blessing.

Then I saw blood in a large area surrounding the house, and I saw the massacre of many Native Americans.  I had visions of this tribe having a ceremony at Gaia’s Temple, one of the energy portals that I work with twice a day.  

Discordant energies around my house continued to be cleared, but I was focused upon clearing energies from California.  I saw the massacre of a tribe in the Siskiyou forest near Mt. Shasta.  I felt the pain caused by the brutal treatment of Native peoples by Spanish missionaries who built 21 missions along the California coast from San Francisco to San Diego.  Native peoples were treated like slaves,  and they were killed if they did not convert to Christianity.  

From all over the state, I felt the effect of a fear based Catholic religion that used the idea of hell and excommunication to gain power and control.  

I felt the pain inflicted upon migrant Mexican farm workers that continues to this day.

I felt a charge upon the issues of secret government agendas, forced vaccinations, anger and rage.  

I saw the earthquake that destroyed much of San Francisco in 1906.

I saw the pain caused by four Los Angeles police officers who continued to beat Rodney King as he lay on the ground motionless.  When a dark cloud of energy rose up out of the ground in the larger Los Angeles area, I called upon a multitude of angels to dissolve this energy.

Then there was a cylindrical spaceship hovering upright over Los Angeles.  I called upon beings of light who blasted the spaceship, and it broke apart into pieces.  I felt discordant energy in my torso after the destruction of the spaceship, so I called upon the Violet Consuming Flame which filled my entire unified field until this energy dissipated.

At the end of the session, I was supercharged with energy.

When Ahlmeirah offered me this free session to show her advanced lightbody students how to do this clearing, I wasn’t terribly excited about it.  I had no idea that it would turn into an intensely transformative experience that I was truly blessed to have.  

Ahlmeirah and Chintan are creating an army of spiritual warriors around the world, and I am blown away by how much they are changing this world.

Shalomar Loving, California, USA


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