Lightbody Followup Instructions

1. Detoxification After Session

Crystalline and 4th Dimensional structures tend to hold a lot of toxins within the physical body while they are in place. Once removed, they release the toxins so there is a need for a detoxification process.

We would recommend drinking lots of mineral water for the 3 days after the session to flush your system out and taking a hot epsom salt/Dead Sea salt bath, using 0.25kg of salt, with a few drops of lavender oil sprinkled in, for up to 20 minutes, once per day for the 10 days after the session. This will leach further toxins out of the body. It is IMPORTANT to ensure that your head does not get too hot by placing a rolled up wash cloth soaked in cold water on your forehead and resoak it regularly. If you feel that this bath process is too much for you, stop immediately.

2. Additional Effects of Session

If you experience sudden flu like symptoms, with heat and tingling, for about 72 hours or longer you may be undergoing a Descension. This is where Spirit pours a lot more higher frequency light into your energy system. If this or anything else occurs which you feel may have been the result of the session or if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call Ahlmeirah on 0870 165 1476 to discuss.

3. Further Session Integration

We would suggest a cranial sacral session within 1-2 weeks after the session to integrate the work deeper into the physical body. Check out the following website for a list of therapists in your area: