About Us

Ahlmeirah Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire was born in France and raised in Ireland. She qualified as a Medical Doctor in 1994 and practised in Dublin covering the specialities of casualty, paediatrics, psychiatry, and general practice until 1998.She left medicine following a profoundly transformational spiritual opening and started to work as an intuitive healer. She moved to England in 2000. Over the years she has worked as a healer and teacher.


    • Set up the Centre of Love and Enlightenment as a vehicle to support the Ascension process and to bring in the frequencies of Unity consciousness
    • Is the author of “A Manual for Walk-Ins”
    • Co-authored and channelled the Divine Healing Master Key system of multidimensional healing, which she teaches as a tool for self healing and practitioners
    •  Works intuitively to heal emotional, ancestral and mental programming
    • Is a leading teacher of Soul Contract Reading, having used and developed the system for 15 years
    • Teaches Lightbody Integration Training to practitioners and offers lightbody sessions to facilitate the soul’d awakening
    • Teaches and developed numerous healing, spiritual and practitioner workshops/trainings and tools
    • Is a natural clairsentient, her aura is naturally healing to others
    • Has been a student of Tantra since 2002 with The School of Awakening/Tantra Essence and has co-developed several Tantra groups
    • Is a Tachyon practitioner and distributor
    • She lives with her beloved in the South of France

Ahlmeirah’s purpose is to remind people that they are vast multi-dimensional Beings, reconnect them to that truth and bring in the frequencies of Unconditional Love through joy in the body.

Chintan Chintan Aelgar, from France, was led quite early n the path of meditation, which he has been practicing for many years. He has always been passionate about development, growth and transformation of the human. His journey as taken im from 1998 into learning and practising many healing modalities and he is master masseur and Ito-Thermie practitioner. 


    • Is a healer and coach using modalities such as Colour Light Therapy, Divine Healing, Light Body and Soul Contract. 
    • Has nearly 20 years experience as a facilitator with Tantra-Essence and has been teaching for a decade as conscious relationship teacher for couples and singles all over the world.
    • Co-created Conscious Living in 2012 with his partner Ahlmeirah and facilitates conscious sexuality groups with her.
    • Is assistant in the Divine Healing Master Key and Light Body Integration groups with Ahlmeirah

Being a long-term practitioner of sitting and active meditations has giving him a profound understanding of human nature. His presence and experience as well as his humour are reflected through all that he teaches and shares, bringing a quality of relaxed wisdom and joyous creativity to his teaching style.

As a healer and coach, he offers sessions of:

Chintan’s purpose is to impart his joy of life and profound spiritual and rooted connection, to help and participate as a witness and facilitator in the deep and alchemical transformation of the individual and the collective.