About us

Ahlmeirah Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire was born in France and raised in Ireland. She qualified as a Medical Doctor in 1994 and practised in Dublin covering the specialities of casualty, paediatrics, psychiatry, and general practice until 1998.She left medicine following a profoundly transformational spiritual opening and started to work as an intuitive healer. She moved to England in 2000. Over the years she has worked as a healer and teacher.


    • Set up the Centre of Love and Enlightenment as a vehicle to support the Ascension process and to bring in the frequencies of Unity consciousness
    • Is the author of “A Manual for Walk-Ins”
    • Co-authored and channelled the Divine Healing Master Key system of multidimensional healing, which she teaches as a tool for self healing and practitioners
    •  Works intuitively to heal emotional, ancestral and mental programming
    • Is a leading teacher of Soul Contract Reading, having used and developed the system for 15 years
    • Teaches Lightbody Integration Training to practitioners and offers lightbody sessions to facilitate the soul’d awakening
    • Teaches and developed numerous healing, spiritual and practitioner workshops/trainings and tools
    • Is a natural clairsentient, her aura is naturally healing to others
    • Has been a student of Tantra since 2002 with The School of Awakening/Tantra Essence and has co-developed several Tantra groups
    • Is a Tachyon practitioner and distributor
    • She lives with her son in Surrey

Ahlmeirah’s purpose is to remind people that they are vast multi-dimensional Beings, reconnect them to that truth and bring in the frequencies of Unconditional Love through joy in the body.