Lotus Surgeon Lightbody Training


The Ascension process is accelerating daily. As we move beyond 2012, more and more people are requiring assistance to raise their frequency and embody higher consciousness. From 2012 onwards, a new civilization is being born, based on Unity Consciousness. At the same time, the old paradigms based on fear and polarity are dissolving.

Lightbody Integration facilitates the embodying and expression of more of your Essence, which allows Divine Purpose to unfold. Tools such as this are required on a mass level to help awaken those who are to create this new civilization.

Are you ready to step forward and play a big part in this Ascension process? By training to become a Lightbody Surgeon you can facilitate the birthing of this new civilization.

 Did you know that it only takes the square root of 1% (7,745 people) of the World’s population to hit a trigger level of Higher Consciousness for everyone else to be affected and move to a higher level of consciousness? Do you want to help make this happen?

The teaching structure will consist of:

  • Theory, demonstration, practise on each other within the group and feedback
  • Written tests between Modules
  • Case Studies and practise on friends and clients in between modules
  • A very comprehensive manual
  • Ongoing support in the form of a regular conference call

The teaching schedule is based on 8 modules which are each 3 days long. 2 Modules of 3 days will be taught with a weekend in the middle to rest, every 6 months approximately. This will allow time for integration and practice.

The course structure includes the following:

In-depth understanding of the Ascension process and the mutational symptoms that occur as a result. How to hold the space for your clients as they go through the lightbody integration work.

Akashic Computer

You will be trained in the use of this fifth dimensional computer which will give you access to the necessary information to work on your clients.

Body Consciousness Realignment

The body’s consciousness is a separate, sentient being in its own right, programmed to maintain the human consciousness in maximum separation from God. This process realigns the purpose of the Body Consciousness so it can Co-create Ascension with the soul, physical body and personality. This enables the body to more easily absorb the Higher Light and let go separation patterns.

Nephillim Removal

This process removes the Nephillim consciousness which each human carries wrapped around the spine. The Nephillim’s  purpose is to keep us asleep, from the knowing of Self and Oneness with God. It also holds the soul contract in place. Removing the Nephillim allows the personality to interface with the Divine at a much Higher level. You will learn to channel the vows, and hold the space for your client throughout the removal.

Etheric Crystal Removal + Activation Astral Devices

You will learn:

1. the accurate removal of limiting fifth-dimensional crystal regulators in the etheric bodies that block multidimensional capabilities.

2. the removal of limiting fourth dimensional structures and rewiring of fifth and sixth dimensional structures as required.

3. the activation of dormant Light Language receptors and recalibration of life force energy flows. Reconnection to the oversoul.

Divinity Threshold Recalibration

Removal of divinity thresholds in the lower back and neck. These prevent upper dimensional frequencies containing the encodements of the Adam Kadmon (Divine Man) from embodying. Recalibration of 7th dimensional flows and structures is then undertaken to ground more of Spirit into the physical body.

 Higher Light Integration

This work assists the DNA to accept more light, supports the building of the Lightbody, and prepares all energy bodies for reunification with the Oversoul. It provides a framework for the soul to come into the body.

 Karmic Matrix Reabsorbtion/Divinity Activation

 A KMR reabsorbs into The Source specific and general karmic energy patterning from all of an individual’s lifetimes at once without slogging through and processing all of the third dimensional experiences. Spirit decides which patterns are to be removed and which orientations of Divinity are to be activated. It realigns you to Spirit. It allows you to take a major step forward on your path. You will learn how to recognize when someone is ready for a KMR and how to hold the space appropriately during the KMR.

 Ze-Yod Spectrum Alignment

“Ze-Yod” means “This is God.” The purpose of this work is to allow our consciousness to recognise itself as Divine. We go beyond the boundaries of form and access our multidimensional nature. You will learn how to “open” yourself to channel this very high level activation and administer it.

Specialised Integrations

You will learn about walk-in integration, reincarnation in the same body, soul rotations, power packs, hormonal balancing, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, ME and fibromyalgia management from a Lightbody perspective.

 Vow Breaking

Vows limit our Divine expression and have the power to limit our reality through all incarnations. You will learn to channel the vows and perform vow breaking to free the Soul.

The Lightbody work is an awakening which helps people to embody and express much more of their Divinity. Training in it also has that effect, but at a much higher level.You can expect to require extra time for emotional and mental clearing and processing if you engage with this work, as the higher frequencies of Light you will be working with will push on the separation in the ego personality. This will not be covered in the course although we can give you the support and structure you need. A course prerequisite is to train in  Divine Healing Master Key as a self healing tool to clear this separation 


Having the Lightbody treatments was the beginning of opening up to deeper levels of clearing and understanding myself. The real growth I have appreciated has been since doing the Lightbody Integration Training. I have now completed 4 Modules and it has been life transforming. I feel so much more connected, I live in the moment far more easily and I am definitely standing more in my power. Only today I stood up to my sister in a non-confrontational way which is something I have never been able to do before.

 Recently while having to deal with big traumas that my husband, son and mother were going through I was able to stay calm and deal with each priority as it appeared. It also made me appreciate how stable I remained.

 I now wonder how I survived before this work was done and how important it is to reach out to as many people as possible to help them to come to such peace in their lives.

 I feel very privileged to have had this opportunity for this life transforming experience.

 Thank you

Mary Liomariss de Tute, Flimwell, East Sussex

I embarked on the training on trust. It has always felt good to pass on what has benefited me, and my guidance was clear that it was time to share this work. Having studied and worked with Nicolas and Ahlmeirah for many years, I had complete confidence in their clarity and integrity, the quality of space they hold and support they offer.

Completing the training, I feel so much more centred and present. I experience my soul filling my body – not fully incarnated yet, but much more so than before. People are constantly noticing my radiance, and asking where it comes from! I feel joyful most of the time, and strongly connected with Spirit. I’m seeing all of life from a much clearer and more compassionate place. The soul integration has involved an amazing and profound clearing process, and I feel confident that this will continue as I practise the work. It has also been a great joy to witness the transformations in the lives of my case study volunteers.

Radhe Ananda, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire

  I am loving this work – feels like I’m home and in my element whilst doing it now. Thank you for the gift of Lightbody and your teaching.

 Moriah Ama Hope, Amberley, West Sussex

I was so happy to have found a therapy that made me feel alive, and could not wait to start the training. I feel connected, fulfilled, and have so much peace inside of me now.
I discovered so much about my self, and my connection is so much more powerful now. I am thrilled to be able to now complete the 
Lightbody Integration for others and have seen how their lives have also taken off for them since completion. 

I have felt humbled in being of service to people and using this work coupled with Soul Contract Reading really assists a person in understanding why their lives are the way they are, and what impact it has on their lives. Using this knowledge has enabled me to help myself and in turn enable others. 

The Divine Healing Master Key is a form of healing that is filled with Grace and to use this to support a client is another gift that is inspiring in the simple yet powerful way it works. To use this in conjunction with Lightbody IntegrationSoul Contract Reading is one of the most powerful healing tools that I have come across. It was during this time that I found my own spiritual name and, in conjunction with these tools this has changed my life totally.  I have peace, connection, trust in my life.

I would recommend this training to anyone that wants to really achieve their highest potential. Nicolas and  Ahlmeirah have always been great teachers and support the students all the way. The way in which they hold the space sacred for their students is unique and totally safe.

Aryanna Japhayel, Addlestone, Surrey

Teacher: Dr Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire

Location: South of France

Fee: £160 per day over an estimated 8 modules each 3 days long. Each module costs £480 by cash, cheque or balance transfer. If paying by paypal an extra paypal fee is included, making the total £496.

A non-refundable deposit of £480 needs to be received one month prior to the start of the Training. This deposit will pay for the last module. Payment of £480 is due at the start of each three day module.


Module 7-8: 27-29 April and 2nd of May

Times: 10am – 6pm daily.


1. Training in:  Divine Healing Master Key Level 1  and Level 2

2. Reading: Power Versus Force by David Hawkins, What Is Lightbody? by Tashira Tachi-ren

3. Received Basic Lightbody Integration Work

4. Please note, this course requires a high level of consciousness. Interest in the training does not guarantee you will be accepted.

 If you are interested in being trained in Lightbody Integration work please call Dr Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire on +33 (0)4 68 74 93 58 or email me.