Pathways of abundance

hands of Gratitude

  • Are you constantly feeling like there is not enough time, money, resources, love?
  • Do you draw relationships where you are not heard, seen and valued fully?
  • Do you feel unable to achieve your dreams?

We all have unlimited abundance potential by the very nature of being Children of God. The Universe is constantly pouring out its love, support, and abundance so that we can experience radiant health, financial wealth, loving and fulfilling relationships, our full creative potential, happiness and spiritual wellbeing. However, most of us block this flow of abundance through our negative self image, our unworthiness, our fear of receiving and belief in limitation.

Would you like to experience this unending flow of gifts, financial wealth, inspiration, support, love and wellbeing?

Learn to open to the treasures available to you through:

  • Working together in a group to undo what limits abundance
  • Healing poverty programming
  • Activating your DNA to align to the highest probability
  • Aligning to your prosperity potential
  • Re-awakening and accessing your dreams, your highest potential
  • Opening your heart to receiving, letting go the limitations to abundance
  • Raising your frequency to attract more abundance
  • Gratitude: the doorway to infinite abundance
  • Learning to use the Laws of Manifestation to consciously create your reality
  • Activating your Abundance Gene

This workshop is experiential, interactive and fun.

What people have said:


“I cannot recommend this course highly enough. It is very powerful energy work that removes blocks to prosperity and abundance at the deepest level whilst opening the heart to unconditional love in an extraordinary and profound way. I could feel all the old survival fears, anxiety about money, self worth issues and other patterns of resistance surfacing and transmuting into radiant Light and Bliss. Almeerah’s teaching is very clear and loving, giving practical guidance on how to manifest your dreams alongside transformative and healing tools which illuminate a radiant path to abundance”

Zoe Martlew, London

“Before the workshop: I was in this place where things were total, utter chaos, it was really, really hard, so I just found when I finished the workshop, this chaos was no longer there & there was this peace and centredness that I’d longed for, for so many years.

Things have been absolutely amazing. Also the abundance, amazing things, not necessarily how I thought it was going to be. Things have manifested such as people asking if I’d do extra work. It doesn’t matter its still abundance, the universe providing. I couldn’t believe it, all these bizarre, wonderful things kept happening.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am about coming to the workshop. I felt that the workshop was people of the same mind, they all came to manifest their abundance & also the meditations which I really enjoyed. It’s not necessarily how I thought it was going to be.

My private session clients have taken off. I’m just allowing. I would definitely recommend the workshop, its really amazing.“

Lyyn Astria Fletcher, Guildford, Surrey

“Thank you once more for creating such a wonderful healing space at the week-end.. x I can still feel the ‘transmission’ working through me… sloughing off some internal blocks to abundance.. and helping me feel more connected .. peaceful.. and abundantly alive.. xx
I have noticed that I feel more accepting & less afraid of my creativity than I ever have before… and I feel much more positive about how my life is going right now… quite playful in fact…!!”
Sharon Keenan, Southampton

Workshop Details:

Led by Dr Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire

Location: ONLINE via Zoom web conferencing

Dates: 16-17 November 2019

Times: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Exchange: £250, non-refundable deposit £75

Learn to manifest your desires. Call Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire on

0870 165 1476 to book your place or email her