Maximize Success in Business

A Soul Contract Business Reading can help you maximise success in your business through helping you to:

1. Understand your primary life challenges, abilities and drives and to align to your deeper purpose in your business 

2. Manifest your Soul Destiny/Life Purpose out in the world through  optimising the flow of energy from the birth name and the current/optimal name into the names of your:

  • business (legal, trading, holding company)
  • products
  • services
  • website addresses
  • email addresses

which will then radiate out the optimal attraction energy to draw enthusiastic customers from the niche market you are addressing who are very eager to do business because trust has already been built energetically. 

This is in contrast to most businesses who spend their time desperately chasing all sorts of potential customers and trying to get them to say yes to their products and services. This is really hard work with small returns and is so soul destroying. You are probably very familiar with this.

We have found that optimising the Centre for Love & Enlightenment business and web name resulted in people finding us cold from Google because we got the attracting energy right. This is above and beyond normal search engine optimisation effects. They came to us as if their best friend had referred them. 

Building trust with a customer is priceless and it normally takes an average of three contacts with a business before they commit to buying something. Because of the optimal attracting energy we have been using, most of our customers were ready to commit immediately to working with us on first contact.

3. Enhance interpersonal relationships within your business to make it run more smoothly and synergestically including:

  • Finding the right people for specific positions
  • Building jobs around a person’s strengths to maximise their potential, performance, contribution and sense of job satisfaction both individually and within teams
  • Developing optimal people management strategies specifically tailored for each individual and for entire teams
  • Minimising conflict in the first place and where it does occur achieving more efficient resolution
  • Improving client, supplier, business partner and associate relationships

Would you like some of this for your business?

What they say:

“Indigo Brave as an organisation have benefited hugely and as a result we have employed personnel most conducive to the company’s needs and have developed a greater understanding of how the individuals in the team work, to function most effectively and harmoniously as a whole team. I love that the work is both pragmatic and spiritual and am deeply grateful to Nicolas and Ahlmeirah.”

Vanya Green, Director, Indigo Brave Business Consultancy

  • Would you like to manifest your Soul Destiny whilst creating a business that is meaningful to you?
  • With the rapid evolution of human consciousness, outdated business practices that aren’t aligned with nurturing the individual and supporting the planet are quickly faltering.
  • In this fascinating teleseminar you will learn how you can
    access more flow by aligning your life and business with your soul contract.

If you would like to manifest your Soul Destiny whilst creating a business that inspires you, then make sure you are on this call….

Here’s what you will learn…

  • How to align your business with your Soul’s Destiny, creating more meaningful results with less effort.
  • How to use your business as a vehicle to support you in your journey of self actualisation.
  • How to run your business consciously and harmoniously in a world of rapid change and evolution.

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