What is a Walk in?

A Walk-in is a method of soul entry for a service soul to incarnate into a physical body and for the first soul to leave (walk-out). A service soul is defined as one who has come to Earth to bring in higher frequencies. When a Walk-in occurs it is at a pre-determined time & location agreed with the first soul to ensure the optimal astrological configuration is achieved.

If a high frequency service soul chose a mother vehicle with significantly lower frequencies than itself, a miscarriage would occur due to the incompatibility of frequencies. Instead a soul of more compatible frequencies incarnates first, grows the body and personality as it is quicker for the Walk-in soul to move into an existing body than to have to grow one from scratch. This is a high form of service for the first soul who leaves all its experience behind so the personality remains fully functional.

Individual Walk-in experiences are quite unique. Usually there is a try on period of days or weeks where the new soul tries out the body which can feel like someone else is hanging around or a loss of time. Most Walk-ins used to occur in children and were usually unconscious. However, increasing numbers are occurring in adults, many of which are fully conscious, as people are now more capable of coping with this process.

The first soul often manifests some form of physical or emotional trauma which disrupts the personality’s habitual patterns, for example an illness or accident. This allows the Walk-in soul to integrate more deeply into the body’s consciousness. Prior to this the person can feel a sense of completion with the old life and can spend time saying goodbye to people they have been close to. This can be quite difficult on those close to them who can feel as if they are being emotionally abandoned.

The old spiritual, mental and emotional bodies are released and new ones from the incoming Walk-in soul are infused. It is the physical body consciousness that maintains continuity. When the person looks at their life experiences they view them with emotional neutrality as if someone else lived them. Unsatisfactory relationships and situations are usually resolved quickly.

A Walk-in provides a boost to the latent potential of the personality, which initially appears to remain the same. However, the Walk-in soul begins to re-mould it and preference changes will start to manifest soon after a walk-in. The changes can affect any aspect of the personality, how they walk, dress, write, behave with others, eat… These changes reflect the inner being of the new soul as it tries to find an optimal configuration in order to fulfil its purpose in coming to Earth. This change can be difficult for family and friends who want the personality to remain as it was before the Walk-in. Generally the personality becomes a lot more focussed and driven after a Walk-in experience, especially in children.

From the body’s view point, having its original soul walkout feels exactly like it’s dying as it’s the same process where the soul withdraws all of the life force energy from the cellular structure into the central core of light and exits through the crown chakra. Immediately afterwards the Walk-in soul enters in a reversal of this process.

As the body has not had this experience before and still believes it is dying it can try to reject the Walk-in soul. This can manifest as rheumatoid arthritis, partial paralysis and allergies, depression, a general feeling of grief or wanting to die. All of these occur because it takes time for the soul to fully integrate into the body and for the body to release the old emotional patterns and pictures of reality of the first soul. This can lead to the personality feeling somewhat schizophrenic at times.

The emotional acceptance of what has occurred can be the most difficult part of this process for the personality of a Walk-in who is consciously aware of what has happened to them. If a person is not aware then it can be very confusing. It is important to allow all of the feelings that come up, especially the grief, to be processed.

Walk-ins have a new life purpose, which builds on the foundation of abilities developed by the first soul. Unconscious Walk-ins usually have a strong feeling that there’s something special for them to do in life. If only they knew what it was, so they start searching for it. This can be very frustrating, as conventional third dimensional reality goals just don’t fit. Their purpose is gradually revealed over time, which allows for integration to occur more gracefully.

Conscious Walk-ins are usually up and running immediately and it can feel like being reborn again. If the body is finding it hard to integrate the new soul it can be quite disorientating. Short-term memory loss often occurs in these cases as the brain functioning takes time to adjust to the new soul’s mental body. Often they will burn out trying to do too much before full mind, body, spirit integration has occurred.

It is most important to be gentle with the physical body and to help its consciousness understand that it was especially chosen to serve the Walk-in soul and that it is loved and honoured. This is critical to the integration process.

Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire is a walk-in. I have considerable experience of the reality of being a walk-in and the integration process required to bring the walk-in soul’s purpose online. In fact, part of my purpose for walking-in was to assist other walk-ins in their integration.

If you resonate with the above and feel that you might be a walk-in call Ahlmeirah +33 (0)4 68 74 93 58 or email her if you would like to discuss this further and find out how I can help you to integrate.