Recorder cell receiver crystal

The recorder cell receiver crystal which we work with inĀ Lightbody IntegrationActivation:

1. Receives skills, perceptions and abilities from your personal akashic recorder cell on the 4th Dimension. This contains all of your experience from here back to The Source.

2. When new capabilities are being transmitted down to you they come as a changing high pitched tone.

3. The recorder cell receiver crystal may tingle, itch or burn or go hot and liquidy.

4. When you hear the changing high-pitched tone, breathe it in to the middle of your brain. This helps the information integrate more easily.

5. When the time is right the soul releases the new information from the recorder cell receiver crystal to the light language receptor on the forehead.

6. This acts like a universal translator and converts the information into something we as humans can understand.

7. This is received with the fourth eye or pineal gland, which is located on the soft spot back from the crown chakra on the top of the head.