Colour Light Therapy Sessions

  • Are you feeling stuck, in conflict, confused in your life, or in your relationships?
  • Would you like to feel more energised, more alive and in balance?
  • Would you like to unleash your potential and creativity?

With Colour Light Therapy (CLT) you can heal and resolve stagnant or blocked situations on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes.

How it works: Cells communicate through light emissions with bio-photons, which becomes hindered when there are emotional and physical stagnations present. The application of coloured light to the skin following meridians and some specific points and zones, releases these stagnations and permits a new balance where the Chi or energy circulates again. This frees up your life force and allows you to express more of the joy, the love and consciousness that you truly are. Colour Light Therapy is often combined with Divine Healing Master Key to create a profound shift in your reality and your well-being. Colour Light Therapy is not only extremely effective in healing the sick, but also can be a preventive measure for the healthy.

Specific Treatments Target:

  • Physical and Emotional Detoxification
  • Hormonal Balancing
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Healing the Will to live (for depression)
  • Physical and emotional abuse
  • Opening to Love
  • Clearing Negative Imprints
  • Clearing Psychic attack
  • Rejuvenating the body and mind
  • Relationship issues
  • Unleashing your potential
  • Connecting to your Spirit
  • Self-destructive tendencies
  • Addictions
  • Sexual issues

All these treatments are individual sessions. They are applied specifically for a given cause.

Series Treatments (3 to 12 sessions)

Issues addressed include:

  • Prenatal and birth trauma
  • Depression, anxiety, stress and panic attacks
  • Physical illnesses and imbalances
  • Parental imprints that hold you back
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Shock and trauma
  • Addictions, stuck patterns and deep insecurities
  • Emotional wounds
  • Abundance issues
  • Disease-causing blockages
  • Past life issues
  • Sexual blockages and issues

Creation Impulse: 3 Sessions
These profoundly deep treatments take you back to the point of creation of specific programs within you, to clear them at their very root. They can also be used to help you manifest much more of your Life Purpose.

Prenatal: 9 Sessions
Clears birth and womb time trauma. This period sets the scene for your experiences in lifeUp to 30% of your energy is tied up in your birth and womb time experience. It also enters into the dimension of the Bardo, or time in-between death and rebirth, helping transcend stuck patterns, addictions and deep insecurities, which repeat over and over. This can unleash your potential. Prenatal is a great series for helping you to move forwards in your life.                                                                                                  
The prenatal series is also excellent and safe for children of all ages where there has been a difficult birth, pregnancy complications or shock in early life. It will often settle a child who has difficulty sleeping or who is otherwise very needy and clingy.

Male Female Balance: 9 Sessions
Clears the negative imprints received from your mother and father, which cause the unconscious and destructive patterns in relationships. You will of course, keep the positive imprinting you received, only the negative is released. This will free you up so that you can relate from a place of authenticity, passion and joy, free from the subconscious patterns that you grew up with.

Function Circles: 9/12 Sessions
This series works on liberating the organ Function Circles according to the Chinese map of how various organs, elements and emotions fit together. The series can be done at the physical level or at the Seed Layer level – the formative level of the organ – for clearing ‘unfinished business’ i.e. the ‘life lessons’ you needed to learn about each aspect of the emotions. This clears the subconscious blocks that cause physical and emotional illness and raises your frequency by allowing greater embodiment and expression of your Spirit. It gives you the opportunity to experience optimal physical and emotional health.

Freedom from Bondage: 3 sessions.
Each problem or issue that creates a stagnation of energy is named and identified by a method based on numerology. This amazingly powerful process addresses very rapidly a specific life issue you are faced with, e.g. unworthiness, struggle, a specific individual (divorce). It gets to the root karmic cause of the issue and clears it out. Magic!

Genital Relays: 12 sessions
Our sexual energy is our most refined physical energy. It is linked to our creativity, our sense of wellbeing in the world and our feeling of connection to others, to life and to Source.
This series works on balancing the divine and animal aspects which we all hold. It helps the unconscious to become conscious, a move from darkness to light.
In this series there are opportunities to work with the astrological and the genetic program influences. This offers profound transformation of sexual energy at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Transmitter Relays: The Transmitter Relays are a series of 12 sessions, two-hours session.
This series works on traumas from the past, present and future. The cause of physical and psychological pain, the time in the womb, birth issues as well as past life issues can all be addressed and released. This work also rewrites the script of our life to be more in tune with our highest potential. These sessions literally help us resonate with our light essence. Profound transformation ensues.

Holographic Healing: 7 sessions + 5 sessions of detoxification so 12 sessions, two-hours session.
This treatment is for deep unresolved conflicts with trapped emotions and degenerative disorders. A session of this type is divided in two parts, the first part is the application of light itself and the second part is to deal with Divine Healing what came out with light during the first part. This helps to access the source of inner conflicts and dissolve them. It is also designed to open a person’s consciousness into the holographic dimension giving the opportunity to rewrite their original blueprint in more positive direction which enhances health and well being. 

Please note that these sessions are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

“ The Divine Healing and the Colour Light Therapy performed by Chintan Aelgar made such an incredible difference for Emma. Just after a few sessions I saw a noticeable difference in Emma’s positivity and happiness. Emma stopped having crying spells and calling out in the middle of the night for mommy, etc. The therapy peeled away at many layers of perturbations and created a healing and cleansing in her that I do not personally feel could have been accomplished by any traditional psycho-therapeutic means. The healing Emma received was at a root level for her soul and personality. Additionally, the freedom and happiness manifested with improved social relationships and interconnection with others. Emma is still thriving and so much happier and at peace than she was; I am so thankful and grateful everyday for the serendipitous synchronicity we found with colour light therapy.
I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone who has undergone any form of emotional distress or trauma.”
Jasyn, Texas

“After being diagnosed with neuroendocrine degenerative disorder in my pancreas, I sought out how I could release stuck energy within my being. Knowing that stuck energy is acquired in various ways I needed someone with the ability to move in whatever direction was needed, for this would be a key to slowing down the growth of my disease.
Chintan had been recommended to me along with a couple of others. Energetically I chose Chintan and am thrilled with the results after a series of sessions of Colour Light Therapy and Divine Healing. His professionalism, compassion, joyfulness and boundless ability in using a variety of techniques, gave me more than I could have hoped for or imagined. Like peeling an onion, the layers of stuck energy just melted away. Needless to say, I give Chintan my highest recommendation.”
Ruth Ford, Arizona

The Colour Light treatment performed by Chintan has had a significant difference in my life. During the series, Chintan was supportive, encouraging and performed the treatment sessions with expert care and professionalism. The biggest change for me since taking the series is the massive reduction in insecurity/anxiety. I don’t panic easily as before and am easily able to let things take their time. I’ve also noticed that I am able to feel situations at a much deeper level at express myself more fearlessly. I would highly recommend Chintan to anyone looking to heal through Colour Light therapy.
Umang Sharma, London

Sessions are available online only (on Zoom)

Contact Chintan on +44 78 358 99 250 or by email  to make a private session booking, thank you.
Price £85 per hour