I embarked on the training on trust. It has always felt good to pass on what has benefited me, and my guidance was clear that it was time to share this work. Having studied and worked with Nicolas and Ahlmeirah for many years, I had complete confidence in their clarity and integrity, the quality of space they hold and support they offer.

Completing the training, I feel so much more centred and present. I experience my soul filling my body — not fully incarnated yet, but much more so than before. People are constantly noticing my radiance, and asking where it comes from! I feel joyful most of the time, and strongly connected with Spirit. I'm seeing all of life from a much clearer and more compassionate place. The soul integration has involved an amazing and -profound clearing process, and I feel confident that this will continue as I practise the work. It has also been a great joy to witness the transformations in the lives of my case study volunteers.

Radhe Ananada, Knaresborough, Yorkshire on Lightbody Integration Training


I have been working  on clearing blockages to abundance for a good decade now and no matter what I did, I always felt that their was some powerful karmic force blocking the full flow of abundance coming to me from the Universe. I used to think, 'this karmic load seems to be out of proportion to what one soul can generate in previous lifetimes'. When I underwent the Ancestral Karmic Vow Breaks process, as a demo client at the Advanced Lightbody Integration Training Module 1, within a week my phone didn't stop ringing and my email was full with requests for client bookings. I am now having trouble keeping up with all my communications. It turned out it I was processing my ancestor's heavy karmic issues around money and abundance. Now that was clear, the floodgates could open to the flow for me. Becasue I am now more relaxed about the flow, even more comes.

DavidSurrey on Ancestral Karma Vow Breaks


Ahlmeirah has worked so sensitively with me when I was in a post birth traumatised state and feeling panic stricken at the thought of the huge responsibility of naming our children. She works from a quiet space of knowing and great intuition, working with our chosen names, until a perfect name is created that completely matches the energy of the baby. Along with this, I got such a sense of peace and instant relief, it's just felt so right. I love the way Ahlmeirah works with the energies of the immediate family and how it all interlinks so perfectly. I have a deep appreciation and gratitude for her work. With Love,

Lisa Dodson, Steyning, West Sussex on Baby Naming


This course is a wonder.  The manual is overwhelmingly brilliant!

Hannah Kime on Divine Healing Master Key Level 1


The course really was "Divine" for me!  This is good work.  Such a lovely gathering of people all serious about raising their frequency.

Don Elwick on Divine Healing Master Key Level 1


Thank you for the weekend I feel so different.  Everything feels different, flowing.

Pookie Blezard on Divine Healing Master Key Level 1


I have found during the use of the Divine Healing Master Key tool that it is a key to what lies within the soul, in fact, a doorway into soul freedom and liberation when consistently applied.  It is such an easy tool to use, yet provides profound results.  When i attend a DHMK workshop, i personally receive healing on many levels and as well facilitate anothers healing which is a great gift and honour to serve spirit in this way.  In the DHMK Level 3 workshop, i was able to facilitate a soul's re-birth which was so exquisite and extraordinary, to feel, sense and see how beautiful birthing can be.  i was deeply touched and transformed by the experience and i was able to see another aspect of motherhood that was previously hidden from me.  i am waiting in great anticipation for DHMK Level 4 and the additional gifts that it will bring into my life and the lives of others that are drawn to me.

Star Christina Blessyng, Brisbane, Australia
Divine Healing Master Key Level 3 Workshop


I just wanted to let you know how much I am loving the new levels of consciousness that the Divine Healing Master Key is bringing into my life. Every day I feel that another layer of separation has gone for good, and feel the Ascension process has been speeded up dramatically by this increased connection with Source Energy.

People I've tried this method out on have been amazed at it's uncanny way of nailing key issues that couldn't possibly have been known in advance, and have reported a great sense of peace and relief after sessions.

In my own family there have been huge shifts since taking the Master Key course: crises that have precipitated greater understanding and healing amongst us all.

Thank you so much for your compassionate and clear guidance. I enjoyed the course enormously and can't wait to do the next level.

Thank you for putting together this amazing work

Zoe Martlew, London on Divine Healing Master Key Workshop


Thank you so much for a deep and thorough manual and well equipped workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and results afterwards and I know this is a useful tool for transformation.

Jenny Dunn, Brighton, Sussex on Divine Healing Master Key Workshop


I would just like to thank you for the last two days. I found it so grounding, a full completion and understanding of the numbers and the impact into our lives and all that we meet, work with, love and meet socially. I never thought that I would " get " the numbers, today I was proved wrong. I cannot recommend this more highly for anyone interested in relationships, personal development and acceleration of consciousness. Loved every minute.

Aryanna Japhayel, Addlestone, Surrey Soul Contract Reading Training Level 3


Thank you for such a great two days which went beyond what I was expecting to learn!!! I can’t express into words how much I have learnt and expanded since I have met and trained with the two of you.

Alesha Schechinah Keen, Widnes, Cheshire Soul Contract Reading Training Level 3


“The whole session was brilliant, absolutely amazing, just amazing.”

Nimarta Paul, Redbourne, Hertfordshire on Lightbody Integration


I was so happy to have found a therapy that made me feel alive, and could not wait to start the training. I feel connected, fulfilled, and have so much peace inside of me now.  I discovered so much about my self, and my connection is so much more powerful now. I am thrilled to be able to now complete the Lightbody Integration for others and have seen how their lives have also taken off for them since completion. 

I have felt humbled in being of service to people and using this work coupled with Soul Contract Reading really assists a person in understanding why their lives are the way they are, and what impact it has on their lives. Using this knowledge has enabled me to help myself and in turn enable others. 

The Divine Healing Master Key is a form of healing that is filled with Grace and to use this to support a client is another gift that is inspiring in the simple yet powerful way it works. To use this in conjunction with Lightbody IntegrationSoul Contract Reading is one of the most powerful healing tools that I have come across. It was during this time that I found my own spiritual name and, in conjunction with these tools this has changed my life totally.  I have peace, connection, trust in my life. 
I would recommend this training to anyone that wants to really achieve their highest potential. Nicolas and  Ahlmeirah have always been great teachers and support the students all the way. The way in which they hold the space sacred for their students is unique and totally safe. 

Aryanna Japhayel Addlestone Surrey on Lightbody Integration Training


“I cannot recommend this course highly enough. It is very powerful energy work that removes blocks to prosperity and abundance at the deepest level whilst opening the heart to unconditional love in an extraordinary and profound way. I could feel all the old survival fears, anxiety about money, self worth issues and other patterns of resistance surfacing and transmuting into radiant Light and Bliss. Almeerah’s teaching is very clear and loving, giving practical guidance on how to manifest your dreams alongside transformative and healing tools which illuminate a radiant path to abundance”

Zoe Martlew, London on Secrets To Abundance


“The joy of this treatment is its simplicity and immediate effectiveness. I feel as if I’m being healed on a karmic and soul level. I have increased self-awareness of who I am and my own loving powers. As well as feeling calmer, more centred and whole, I know I’m becoming personally stronger and empowered.”

Kamerine Neo Ama, Life Coach, Croydon on Change Your Life


“Basically I was getting to the stage where everything was a blur. That afternoon after the session, I realised I wasn’t needing to find my reading glasses. I could read every single word. It’s really a miracle, I never thought it would lift so quickly” 

Serafina Victoria Kumara, Dorking, Surrey on Divine Healing Master Key Sessions


“There are no words that can express the gratitude I feel for the gift you gave me yesterday. It has had such a profound effect on my body, mind and spirit. It is as if some huge, engulfing, never ending task has finally finished and I am free to truly feel the love, joy and adventure of life.

Susan Fletcher, Hertford on Change Your Life 


“Before the workshop: I was in this place where things were total, utter chaos, it was really, really hard, so I just found when I finished the workshop, this chaos was no longer there & there was this peace and centredness that I’d longed for, for so many years.

Things have been absolutely amazing. Also the abundance, amazing things, not necessarily how I thought it was going to be. Things have manifested such as people asking if I’d do extra work. It doesn’t matter its still abundance, the universe providing. I couldn’t believe it, all these bizarre, wonderful things kept happening.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am about coming to the workshop. I felt that the workshop was people of the same mind, they all came to manifest their abundance & also the meditations which I really enjoyed. It’s not necessarily how I thought it was going to be.

My private session clients have taken off. I’m just allowing. I would definitely recommend the workshop, its really amazing.“

Lyyn Astria Fletcher, Guildford, Surrey on Secrets To Abundance


“I received Tachyon treatments and products when I was feeling very low physically, emotionally and energetically. Since then I have never looked back. I have much more energy, am more positive, emotionally calmer and physically healthier. I would recommend Tachyon to everyone.”

Mrs C., Croydon on Tachyon


“I feel like more of my soul came in and I became more connected. I would definitely recommend the workshop to other people. I really enjoyed when I did it. I felt my life had shifted on.

Ruth Wynnick, Tuffnell Park, London on Integration Workshop for Walkins


I liked getting together with people going through similar things to me, because it is something you feel quite alone with at times. It was all a gift, being in a safe space, a loving space, which was beautiful. It has moved a lot of things, the alignment with life purpose, the aligning with more of me. Bringing more of me in, which gave me more focus really. Working with Almeerah and Nicolas has been the greatest gift of all. When I met them, I just knew it was the right place to be.

Patrishia Anjela Lehmann, Northampton on Integration Workshop for Walkins


I want to thank you for the amazing work you have been doing with me. I feel truly lifted and transformed and aligned. My joints have stopped hurting which I find incredible and I am being inspired with much information about my divine purpose here.

Maria Margarita Terner, Glastonbury on Divine Healing Master Key Sessions


Before the workshop it felt like something I knew I wanted to go on and it felt like a luxury. Afterwards it felt like it was essential that I had been on it. I had an information gathering perception beforehand; afterwards it felt really essential that I experience a workshop with other walk-ins, learning about other people’s experiences. Getting a much better feeling of what’s involved. The workshop made me have a much greater experience of how single-minded we have to be about our integration and healing. It’s like the Matrix is going to keep running unless you do something about it. It’s active engagement…this is serious. It took me from this dream, when I walked-in and wandered into this surreal dreamlike world where I had all these amazing experiences to “OK this is real”.

I would highly recommend the workshop and I feel having experienced it that it is essential for walk-ins to attend. It will help ground their experience in this dimension and it gives a sense of the ongoing steps we can take for our own integration.

Kamerine Neo Ama, Croydon on Integration Workshop for Walkins


Before the workshop I was feeling lost, fragmented, disorientated and anxious.
Journal entry day 1: "I have a new start in a new life. I feel very together, very at peace, very strong, very integrated."
Journal entry day 2: "I'm coming back to life! so happy so centred: I'm whole again (new me) I CAN GO FORWARD NOW

I would whole heartedly recommend this workshop hearing the experiences of others was very supportive and reassuring, giving an opportunity to network if desired .The workshop content gave me valuable new tools and the means to create a new structure within which to live, ways of developing and progressing in my new life. The healing and guidance I received during that time gave me glimpses of my new path and enabled me to see the new me emerging, strengthening and reinforcing who I now am. Can't thank you enough Almeerah.

Pamela Jackson, Hurstpier Point on Integration Workshop for Walkins


Since having had several sessions with Almeerah using the Divine Healing Master Key I can say from the bottom of my heart that it has been the most transformative time of my life. This wonderful and very powerful healing gets into the dark corners of my issues, floods them with light and love and a real shift is felt there and then. I think it’s because you get to the core of the program and not just surface stuff. I often feel a sense of relief when we reach this point and can let it all go, knowing that it does not serve me anymore. This is always done with such amazing understanding and compassion from Almeerah. I feel like she walks with you and gently guides you to remember and feel who you really are. For this, I shall be eternally grateful. I have noticed that the integration period can last for several weeks with continued realisations, this has allowed me time and space for my whole being to feel a new level of consciousness.

Lisa Jane Moore, Halesworth, Suffolk on Divine Healing Master Key Sessions


Words cannot adequeately express how incredibly beautiful and awakening the whole Lightbody Integration process has been for me. neither do I feel I can do justice with words to portray the amazing energy flowing from Ahlmeirah as she lovingly guided me through each of the deeply transformational stages of the integration.

I feel honoured to have received this Divine gift, which has already had such a profound effect on my life. I know my healing path has opened up as my connection to a Higher Consciousness is deepening through this process.

Quite simply Ahlmeirah is a practitioner of awesome calibre and I AM truly blessed to have been led to her at this pivotal time in my life.

Lynne Evans, Aberdeenshire, Scotland on Lightbody Integration sessions


I realised the Soul contract Reading would expose me to amazing information I could draw upon to understand my life path more clearly. However, nothing had prepared me for the depth of insights accesed through Ahlmeirah's reading.

She expertly guided me through the profound process, drawing upon her exceptional intuition and vast knowledge. I feel I have received confirmation that my dreams are within my grasp because the Universe is working with me. I now see each stage that has gone before in a new light and that it has been part of my striving towards the ultimate goal of my soul's path in this lifetime. Ahlmeirah also highlighted certain areas to address through which I may access a deeper authenticity.

I cannot recommend the Soul Contract Reading strongly enough. Ahlmeirah's gifts and energies are exceptional and I am indeed fortuante to have experienced this awakeing process with her.

Lynne Evans, Aberdeenshire, Scotland on Soul Contract Reading session


Having just completed Ahlmeriah's Abubdance workshop  I have been left feeling so totally full, with a deep sense of love, peace and connection to all that is. 
Ahlmeriah held the deepest most loving space that I have had the pleasure to be in for a while.
Using gentle meditation and tools to connect us back to the source of all abundance Ahlmeriah guided us through a beautiful, peaceful and fun weekend.
The week following this group flowed for me with ease and grace and i remembered how easy it is to manifest my heart's desires when I am connected to my own heart and the heart of God. 
I have stepped forward and taken some new vibrational work out into the world which prior to this felt a little difficult and very scary, and now feels divine and perfect.
Thank you Ahlmeriah for helping to remind me of my true deep nature and of the joy of abundance in my life.

 Ruth Wynnick. Bedfordshire on Secrets To Abundance


Just a note to express my overwhelming gratitude for all you have done. It has been a long and very hard journey, and you know – you were right, miracles do happen. Level 4 has truly been the quantum leap you talked about. So again many, many thanks.

H. B. Guilford on Divine Healing Master Key Level 4

Having a Soul Contract reading with Ahlmeirah was an incredibly illuminating experience on many different levels, but I thought I would take the opportunity to share two of the main reasons here…
Firstly, the reading confirmed much of my own evolutionary experience in this human incarnation.  I found it incredibly affirming to listen to Ahlmeirah clearly articulate and contextualise my life's core themes and lessons both on the spiritual and material planes.  It also helped me to make connections that I had previously overlooked or was simply unaware of.
Secondly, the reading also helped me to become more fully aware of the destiny of my soul.  Being on the path can be filled with many challenges to navigate and ultimately grow through.  Ahlmeirah brought many things to my attention that have already started to help me navigate the path of my present and future spiritual growth.  

Ahlmeirah is an incredibly gifted, intuitive and sensitive reader and I would recommend her to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of their soul's journey.

Damien Senn, London  on Soul Contract Reading


I've had some good results from the other two Tachyon essences I've taken- the gynecological one has helped to regulate my periods. thats the most noticeable effect and for the first time in my life they are regular- I ovulate at the same time each month pretty much and I know when my period will arrive. Its allowed for alot more body awareness and I feel like I can trust my body and my cycle. The nerve tonic was very needed- my nervous system is a lot calmer and it definitely helped me after I had my atlas alignment. so good stuff all round- my body likes Tachyon!!!

A. L. M. Sussex on Tachyon


Prior to the training, I was totally in ignorance of myself and the enlightenment that Level 1 gave me about understanding myself and my family was just so empowering and just confirmed things I didn’t understand about myself so I could own them. But it also showed me the challenges I had to undertake and made it easier because I wasn’t floundering trying to find out what I needed to work on. It was giving me that power to work with it. The understanding was just amazing, it was just so accurate not only about myself but about others. 

But what I found so useful, not only for doing soul contract readings for people and helping them understand themselves, but also when I’m working with my clients, to have their charts helps me so much to see where they are coming from and where their challenges are and that’s been invaluable.

Mary Liomariss De Tute, Flimwell, East Sussex, United Kingdom on Soul Contract Reading Training


As soon as I saw the words “Soul Contract Reading Training” I knew I had to do it. So, I booked onto the course. I see it as a multi-dimensional tool. Different facets of the contract stacked. I see how that works. I love the work even now three years on. 

Having spent the best part of 12 years in corporate management training and development and being trained in all sorts of psychometric tools and personality tools and different ways of measuring and identifying aspects of people. I often felt judged or pigeon holed, but never felt completely understood until I did the Soul Contract Reading Training. 

Then everything, every single aspect of me, was just there and I’d never had that before. So, it felt whole and complete in itself. I’m always stunned about things going on in my life now, I can still go back to it and still see where it’s coming from and it gives me context and hope that I can keep working my way through it.

With clients, firstly I attracted people on the spiritual path so it was confirmation.  Now I seem to be attracting people not on their path, just waking up, just wanting to get on their path. It’s confirmation from a completely different angle. It’s really showing them where they are moving to, not where they are. It shows them the journey they are making and what the potential is for them as opposed to where they are at the moment, so they’re growing into it.  It helps confirm their intuitions or it actually surprises them sometimes. 

It takes up a good 40% of my work. I love it and I keep asking for more of it. I love it, especially the family stuff, looking at whole family dynamics. What you do after Level 1

Moriah Ama Hope, Amberley, West Sussex, United Kingdom on Soul Contract Reading Training


I attended the Soul Contract Reading course with no intention to change my own name, simply to empower myself and add another very lucrative string to my healing repertoire. A number of amazing and unexpected turn of events happened during that weekend and had me changing my name. I was not the only person who had such an incredible experience, they were numerous. The results were rapid and exciting.

Changing my name (Level 2) helped me take on a whole new persona and released blocks I didn't even know about. When I attended the course, I was broke, lonely and back living with my parents at the age of 38. Now I am living with my dream man, we have taken our business from 600 Euros to 14,000 Euros /month in just 1 year, I have written a book and I am working on a 2 day workshop with my partner which will command a fee of at least 1,000 Euros (and we've just begun!).

I use what I learned in this magic two day weekend(Level 3) to look at all the names we use in our business, especially our website addresses which are now incredibly successful. I am so glad I took up the opportunity instead of hesitating over the usual issue of money, what a life change I would have missed. Thank you so much.

Annemarie Doolin, Copenhagen, Denmark on Soul Contract Reading TrainingLevels 1+2+3


After the course the jigsaw fell into place. I felt more at ease with myself because this was who I was. So, instead of feeling like I was a square peg in a round hole I fitted in because I understood my life, which I didn’t before. It was all mapped out. It all made sense. Whereas before it was a bit of a muddle, I wasn’t sure where I was going.

It was the same with my clients who said;  “Where am I going, I don’t understand myself”. After giving the readings they said “Oh wow you’ve just filled in all the spaces. Before this reading, there were blanks there, and then all of a sudden it was like reading a story book with all the chapters written.”

Jilyyanne Sofariel, Lalham-on-thames, Middlesex, United Kingdom on Soul Contract Reading Training