level 3

This two day workshop will teach you how to assist your clients to:

  • Understand their deeper purpose in their business.
  • Find the right person for a specific position.
  • Enhance their staff’s performance and sense of job satisfaction.
  • Develop optimal people management strategies specifically tailored for each individual and for entire teams.
  • Achieve more efficient Conflict Resolution.
  • Improve client, supplier, business partner and associate relationships.
  • Develop the best business, product, service and web names to maximise success.

If you are in business, you can achieve all of the above for yourself.

You will also receive:

  • Training in developing your confidence in using your intuition/channel when delivering a reading.
  • A comprehensive Workshop Manual containing in-depth information on the effects of each number as a business energy, together with working processes.

If you are a Pre-2002 Graduate you will receive:

  • Much more in-depth training in the use of business names than previously available in the original four day course.
  • A FREE copy of the most updated Level 1 Workshop Reference Manual, which is specifically designed for rapid ease of use during the preparation of your readings. All the information for each of the 22 number combinations has been assembled in one place, in an easy to read format.
  • A 50% discount on the normal course fee.

This workshop will enable you to take the Soul Contract Reading work out into the normal work environment. It will help your clients to more easily overcome the personal and professional challenges they face. This will help them to achieve much more success and satisfaction in their professional lives.

We really enjoy helping our clients achieve breakthroughs in their work environment using the Soul Contract Reading work and would love to share the secrets of doing this with you.

What they say:

“Indigo Brave as an organisation have benefited hugely and as a result we have employed personnel most conducive to the company’s needs and have developed a greater understanding of how the individuals in the team work, to function most effectively and harmoniously as a whole team. I love that the work is both pragmatic and spiritual and am deeply grateful to Nicolas and Ahlmeirah.”

Vanya Green, Director, Indigo Brave Business Consultancy

I would just like to thank you for the last two days. I found it so grounding, a full completion and understanding of the numbers and the impact into our lives and all that we meet, work with, love and meet socially. I never thought that I would ” get ” the numbers, today I was proved wrong. I cannot recommend this more highly for anyone interested in relationships, personal development and acceleration of consciousness. Loved every minute.

Aryanna Japhayel, Addlestone, Surrey

Thank you for such a great two days which went beyond what I was expecting to learn!!! I can’t express into words how much I have learnt and expanded since I have met and trained with the two of you.

Alesha Schechinah Keen, Widnes, Cheshire

Presented by Dr Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire

Location: Weybridge, Surrey, United Kingdom

Dates: To Be Decided


  • Level 1+2 Training or a pre-2002 Reading The Soul’s Contract Practitioner Training.
  • Extensive knowledge of the basic birth chart and overlay interpretations is essential.
  • You need to have delivered at least five full overlay readings. This is to ensure that you have sufficiently absorbed the material so that we can take you to the next level with it.


  • £274, Non-Refundable Deposit: £74
  • For repeating Level 3 students: £94

Call Ahlmeirah now on +33 (0)4 68 74 93 58  or email her to book your place