level 2

Overlays and Name Optimisation

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This three day Practitioner Training includes:

  • How to use overlay charts to understand the impact of name changes and relationships throughout a client’s lifetime on their birth chart.
    • The overlay effects of each of the 22 letters of Hebrew on the six aspects of a birth chart
    • Energy pattern recognition through a series of overlays
    • Describing the flow of energy between the different overlay energies so as to place past and present relationship experience into perspective and to show a   client where they are heading in life.
    • As we approach the end of 2012 people are feeling a sense of great urgency to discover, connect with and manifest there soul destiny and deliver their gift of service to the world. Overlay readings can help you guide/mentor them in their next steps so they are more aligned with, and can more easily manifest, all of this.
    • How to deliver overlay readings including client management skills
  • How to optimise a client’s name so they can more easily work through their karmic issues, achieve their goals and activate their talents, manifest their soul destiny and gift of service and thus achieve their maximum potential in life
  • Phonetics for non-English name
  • Baby naming to give the new children the best possible start in life by helping them create a more harmonious life aligned to the flow of their soul and the family dynamic.
  • Developing confidence in using your intuition/channel when delivering a reading
  • Workshop Manual containing in depth information of the effects of each number as an overlay energy and working processes
  • For Graduates of Reading The Soul’s Contract Practitioner Trainings prior to 2002, this course will provide much more in depth training in the use of  overlays than previously available. It will also act as a refresher course if you are looking at getting back into this work again after a break from it.  You will also receive a copy of the the latest Practitioner Training and Reference manuals which contain more detailed and updated interpretations.
  • For existing graduates of Level 2 who are actively delivering readings it will take you deeper into the overlay and name optimisation process. We will share with you the latest developments and trends.
  • For Level 2 graduates who have taken a break from this work, it will act as a refresher course if you are looking at getting back into this work again.
  • The course is not only a conscious sharing of the work, it is also a profound bodily transmission of this knowledge to reawaken the memory of it in your DNA.

Teachers: Dr Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire

Location: Weybridge, Surrey, United Kingdom

Dates: Spring 2013 date to be advised

Prerequisite: Level 1 Training or a pre-2002 Reading The Soul’s Contract Practitioner Training. Preparation and delivery of a minimum of five birth chart readings

Fee: £364, Non-Refundable Deposit: £80

Fee: Repeating students £130

Spaces are limited, so call Ahlmeirah now on 0870 165 1476  or email her to book your place