Level 3

  “Deepening Into Self Love”


Reconnecting to and embodying Spirit is the theme of this course, which is at a higher frequency than the  Level 2. The initiation you will receive will take you deeper into your healing and empowerment. It will develop your intuition and your power as a healer to another level. It will help you to love yourself more and embody the greatness that you are, thus assisting to create heaven on earth.

“The basis of all self healing techniques is primarily to learn ways to love ourself, to begin to value ourself and love that which we are in truth”

In level 3, we work to access the 5th dimensional concepts of wholeness and the ending of duality. This allows the clearings and activations to happen much more gracefully.

Here are some of the topics included in level 3:

  • Healing Birth and womb time
  • Weight, Food and Hunger programming
  • Limiting self judgements
  • Releasing blocks to your growth
  • Letting go attachments
  • Soul Level programming
  • Healing Neurological responses and behaviours
  • Clearing Drug imprints
  • Pomanders
  • Cranial balancing
  • Balancing Rhythms and cycles
  • Very deep fixes to overcome supressions
  • Youthing and healing ageing programming
  • Neurological reflex points

And much more…

Shifts among those who have taken these workshops and are using the material regularly are noticeable. This is experienced as greater clarity, connection to Spirit, empowerment and aliveness.

“It was such an amazing class for me and still has me deep in thought. SO many layers to peel away! As I took this course, I realized I’ve come a long way from where I was a year ago when I started these classes, but I still have SO MUCH room to grow, especially as it relates to deepening into self love. I’m ready to do the work and so very grateful for this profound tool of self exploration/discovery and program release. I started taking Divine Healing courses to understand why I made unhealthy decisions over and over again and level 3 has already held so much revelation for me, and that’s just having done the practices during class. I look so forward to future releases and even greater transformation in my life. Ahlmeirah was so gentle with her training style and held the space beautifully for our very large group. I highly recommend Divine Healing 3 to anyone on a personal healing journey as well as those seeking a way to serve humanity. You won’t be sorry!”
Tina Howard

“I enjoyed the training so much. I have been feeling very much upleveled/upgraded after the training. I have been feeling like I have stepped into next level of consciousness.” Karolina Blaszkiewicz, Estonia

“Level 3 really opened Divine Healing up for me, I now feel that I have a deep understanding of it, and the freedom to really find the “art” in it!” JeanAnn Filbin

“Divine Healing is profound in its depth at clearing root issues and providing support for enhanced well being! I’ve been searching for a tool like this that both embraces the need to know and recognize underlying issues while also incorporating the power of Spirit to facilitate the work. It is an expansive tool that works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels by embracing knowledge and modalities from many areas. Not only has it nourished my own desire for coming into wholeness, but it has nourished my search for a tool to offer to others. Ahlmeirah is an amazing facilitator who holds space with such acceptance and compassion, while also keeping the group focused and on the task at hand. She is humble and a pretty pure being! I’ve trained in Divine Healing Level 1, 2 and 3. I can’t wait for Level 4.”
Michelle Morgan
“Divine Healing is a gentle yet powerful modality that peels away entangled layers from the ego-mind to liberate the soul to evolve with clear consciousness of Higher Self and All That Is. Ahlmeirah is a graceful and loving creator and facilitator of Divine Healing who transmits its essence as she teaches. If you are struggling in your life, Divine Healing helps to let go of pain, heal the body, and clear a path of joyful manifestation with ease and grace. After experiencing Divine Healing Levels 1 and 2, Level 3 is especially effective in shedding attachment to the old shadowy self and entering a brighter paradigm with self-love and clarity of consciousness to align with Higher Self to manifest Soul Purpose in and for All That Is.”
Jodi R. Netzer


Teacher: Dr Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire

Dates: 25-28 January 2023

Time: 9:30am – 5:30pm daily UK times, EST 4.30 am to 12.30 noon, CST 3.30 am to 11.30 am, MT 2.30 am to 10.30 am, PST 1.30 am to 9.30 am, Central European time 10.30 am to 6.30 pm

Course fee is £571, repeat fee is £175

Venue: On-Line Training

Prerequisite: Divine Healing Master Key: Level 2.

Spaces are limited, so call Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire now on +33 (0)4 68 74 93 58 or email her to book your place