Advanced Lotus Surgeon Lightbody Training: The Phoenix Rises

Energetic Imprinting Reabsorbtion, Soul Contract Vow Breaks & Ancestral Karma Vow Breaks

This is a very advanced course only open to those who have learned both Lightbody Training and Soul Contract Readings. This training will teach you how to use Matrix Vow Breaking in conjunction with the Soul Contract Reading interpretations and covers the following:

1. Soul Contract Vow Breaks: This process integrates a client’s specific soul contract aspect programs, especially the karmic, goal and soul destiny aspects in order to free them from the karmic drag weight of their contract so as to accelerate their growth. This helps dramatically especially at times of accelerated growth. We also do activations of specific positive frequencies to allow for life to flow better, to be more empowered, connected and so on. This process both clears the patterns like a very precise form of energetic surgery, and activates the soul qualities so that the pupose comes on-line much more.

2. Energetic Imprinting Reabsorbtion: Here you learn to release the imprint of someone else’s energy from a client which is having a seriously detrimental effect on their wellbeing e.g. parents, partners, abusers, teachers etc. This is usually extremely effective in situations such as separation, divorce, conflict, abuse and psychic attack. This has the effect of rapidly freeing up the client, the relationship or situation. It can be quite miraculous. I have seen huge changes in my clients after this session, as if the negative imprint was holding them back hugely; once the imprint clears, they are free to be themselves.

3. Ancestral Karma Vow Breaks: We have discovered that we can be processing a specific karmic patterning that is coming from the ancestors independent of the parent’s energies. This patterning can move down through the ancestral lineage, jumping generations, much as genetic traits can do.  This process allows you to surgically remove this patterning and free your soul or the client’s soul. This is also incredibly powerful and can create a profound shift and freeing of the life force.

The structure of the workshop is theory and understanding, demonstration on a client, and practise on each other. You will have the opportunity to release some of your own karmic aspects and the imprint of someone of your choice. For the latter you will need their birth certificate name.

Following the workshop you will need to undertake some case studies, two each of the three processes:  Soul Contract Vow Breaks, Energetic Imprinting Reabsorbtion and Ancestral Karma Vow breaks in order to be fully certified to offer this work. If you are not fully set up as a practitioner you can do the case studies on the other students in the group.

Teachers: Dr Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire assisted by Chintan Aelgar

Dates: 28-30 September 2022 9 am – pm UK times, 10 am to 6pm CET, 4 am to 12 pm EST, 3 am to 11 am CT, 2 am to 10 am MST, 1 am to 9 am PST

Location: ONLINE via Zoom Web conferencing

Fee: £580

Deposit: £175 to secure your place.

Spaces are limited so we recommend you inform Ahlmeirah as soon as possible by phone +33 (0)4 68 74 93 58 or email:  if you are planning to attend.