Name Input Form


  • Please use block letters. We must emphasise that CORRECT SPELLING IS CRITICAL in order to produce the correct chart.
  • The names are to be entered in chronological sequence starting with the your birth certificate name and each name variant you used up to the present day current name.
  • Birth certificate names are to be used wherever possible for partners, also note the name you used at the time. Your age range when you were together allows us to work out the impact in your overall cycle of life.
  • Include the star sign or birth date wherever possible as it allows us to go into more depth in the reading.
  • A maximum of 12 significant names can be analysed for a reading. Generally these are partners and your name variants. See Example below. While 12 name slots are shown, it has to be all squeezed into the 1-1.5 hour session. So please only put in significant names so that we can have quality time to talk about each one & its effect on your birth name.
  • For your mother ensure you put down her maiden name as written on her birth certificate
  • Please contact us if you have any questions on 0870 165 1476
Name Category Your Age Range Birthdate/Star Sign
1 James Michael Donovan Birth Certificate Name 0yrs+ 9/8/60
2 James Donovan Teenager 13-19 years
3 Jamie Donovan Common Usage 20-23 years
4 Jim Donovan Name Variant 23-43 years
5 Megan Ann Taylor Partner 1 30-37yrs
6 Shelley Grace Myers  (birth name) Partner 2 37-38yrs 10/4/68
7 Adrienne Michele Smith (birth name) Wife 1 40yrs-present 5/6/64
8 James Edward Donovan Current Name (deed poll change) 43yrs-present
9 Gracie Victoria Donovan-Smith  (birth name) Daughter 41yrs-present 1/6/01
10 John Harold Donovan-Smith (birth name) Son 45yrs-present 6/10/05
11 Angeline Shirley Hebdon Mother 0-present 10/1/36
12 Patrick Henry Donovan Father 0-present 11/2/26