What Is Lightbody?

Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire interviewed by Steve Nobel 22 June 2010

This recording explores the Ascension process and how working with the Lightbody facilitates that. Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire was born in France and raised in Ireland. She qualified as a Medical Doctor in 1994 and practised in Dublin covering the specialities of casualty, paediatrics, psychiatry, and general practice until 1998. She moved to England in 2000. There she established the Center for Conscious Ascension with Nicolas David Ngan in 2002 as a vehicle for accelerating the Ascension process. Amongst many other things she offers Lightbody Integration to facilitate the soul’s awakening. Ahlmeirah’s purpose is to remind people that they are vast multi-dimensional Beings and bring in the frequencies of Unconditional Love.

On this podcast you will learn how:

  • To understand the ascension process happening right now;
  •  It is important to start working with spiritual detox;
  • To recognise when the lightbody is being activated;
  • This can help to bring online your divine expression and purpose.