Conscious Living

Tantra is the development of our latent energies at the highest degree. It is based on the principle that we can grow spiritually by using what is heavy and limited in us. We work with desire, passion and all the daily challenges for freedom and bliss, which can be achieved individually as in the couple.

Tantra exalts the feminine, cultivates wonder, connects heaven and earth, spirit and nature, above and below.

It helps to reconnect with our polarities in an intelligent and healthy way. It wants to realize the truth in the body and through the body.

Instead of starting by transforming society it is much wiser to start with oneself. And after oneself, act on the periphery.

Meditations and exercises that Tantra offers are not an end in themselves, they are only tools, which are used depending on what is needed in the moment or in the period we are crossing.

Mind is scattered and divided. This eventually affects the physical. The key is to recognize this and to come back to our centre. Tantra uses a lot of doors to achieve this sublime coming back with meditations, which include the senses and sexuality.

Tantric sexual union is one of the portals given by nature to access our essential and ecstatic being.

We offer the inspiring Conscious Heart Training as a series for couples in this spirit. This includes a lot of tools and a tremendous resource for the development of consciousness and love. This series is designed for couples to experiment our methods, practices and tantric meditations at home after being approached and tested in the group.

These methods are taught in a sequential order, offering a refined process of deepening intimacy, heightening sensual energy, expanded love and awakened awareness that lead the couple to open the portal of bliss with sweetness and intelligence.

The ambiance and dynamic in the group is enlivened with regular Tantra meditation sessions, different types of therapeutic exercises, massage, dance, sharing, ritual, celebration, relaxation, emotional release and energy work. After each group level the lovers practice a series of meditations and can then choose whether to continue on to the next level. The path is very simple, just following your inspiration and your bliss.

“Awareness is the true path. Neither indulges nor renounce, but be aware. Do whatsoever you are doing — do it with full awareness. If you move into passion, move with awareness; and passion becomes prayer, and passion has a totally different quality to it. In the East we have called that quality Tantra. The same sex is no longer sex — it is no longer sexual at all. Once you move into your passion with awareness, you have changed the very quality of it. It is no longer just physical, it is no longer just a physical release; it is a very deep experience of life. It is a tremendous experience of no-mind. It is a door towards the greatest space possible.