Private sessions

Are you a walk-in?

Do you feel you have something very special to do, but can’t quite remember what it is?

Would you like to embody and express your true self?

These private sessions offer you:

  • A supportive and loving space to understand, integrate and meet the challenges of your walk-in experience
  • Explanation of the walk-in process, its purpose and its effects
  • Techniques for coping with walk-in symptoms such as:
    • hypersensitivity
    • schizophrenic/depressive symptoms
    • isolation and loneliness
    • feelings of dying
    • exhaustion, memory loss
    • changes in relationships
    • changes in personality/ goals/ interests
    • allergies/auto-immune problems
  • Developing a relationship with your Body Consciousness and healing the shock and grief of the walk-in
  • Meditations, potions and other tools to help you raise the frequency of your body and integrate the new Soul
  • Learn about your Soul type and characteristics
  • Name changes/optimisations to allow greater expression of your Divinity
  • Lightbody Integration Walk-in Integration work to:
    • remove energy structures that limit the amount of your soul that can embody
    • raise the frequency of your energy system to match that of the new soul
    • progressively integrate higher and higher frequencies of your new soul into the cellular structure
  • Healing Services work to clear the physical, emotional and mental bodies of separation patterns from the previous soul that limit the integration and expression of the Divinity of the new soul. This includes Tachyon, Colour Light Therapy, Energetic Interference Patterning of DNA, Reconnective Therapy and DNA work.

Ahlmeirah’s personal experience has taught her much about helping the integration process and part of their Divine Purpose is to support and assist other Walk-Ins this

£89 per hour

For further information or to book your session please contact Ahlmeirah 0870 165 1476 or email her.