Interview with Ahlmeirah on authenticity

This interview took place at the Southbank Centre, Wednesday evening 22nd May 2013. The interviewer is Steve Ahnael Nobel.

Why is authentiicity and honesty important in our lives?

Because our connection to our self is our guiding system. In truly connecting to this guiding system we can embody who we are and live our purpose. The challenge is that we are very programmed by society and family and so we absorb these values and standards and think this is how I should live my life. Actually these things may have no resonance with us in anyway  regarding why we are here. This is a major cause of human suffering. I met a friend last night and in her soul contract she is here to be a pioneer but her programming was saying she is 38 and she should be married and have a child. Her numerology says that she is here to be a pioneer and not do any of those other things.

How do we know when we are not living authentically?

The major signs is a major sense of unease inside and a sense of frustration. This can manifest as depression. Also anger and fear. It can manifest as an illness. Addiction is also a sign because people fill the void with addiction. There can be a sense of lethargy of being bored with life. No energy.

What is the most important thing a person can do to live authentically?

The most important thing is to take time for themselves. Whether that be in nature or just quiet time. Perhaps meditation. In this space then what happens is a reconnection can happen. When clients comes to me feeling disconnection I take away the layers of disconnection in their energy field whether that be trauma or programmes or beliefs about themselves or other peoiple's energies.

Are there any spiritual techiques that you offer people?

All of my work is about authenticity. Some people are attracted to a soul contract reading, some people are attracted to healing and some people are attracted to my work with Tantra.



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Focus on your Creation rather than opposing what you don’t want

I signed the petition about stopping the EU & UK Govt regulations which are attempting to eliminate natural health care options but then it occurred to me that there is a more powerful way to achieve this that applies to all the things in our lives we don’t like but are nevertheless in our reality.

By the Universal “Law of Attraction”, whatever we focus on with our thoughts and feelings will be drawn to us and will manifest in our Reality. If we only focus on opposing regulations such as this, all we will get is the manifestation of them e.g. many Americans didn’t like George Bush 3rd in his first term as President and focused on opposing his election for a second term. Because that was where all their attention and energy went, guess what, they manifested him again. There is a similar situation here with natural healthcare and many other areas of our lives that we care about that are being legislated against.

The emphasis in these campaigns needs to be focussed on creating the reality we desire, in this example free choice in alternative health care, vitamins & supplements etc. If we had tens of millions of people focussing all their thoughts and feelings on this then there is a very good chance that we will manifest this, as the Universe will naturally rearrange around the powerful positive feelings & and thought forms and pictures of reality they are generating.

For example, if each day if we had tens of millions of people sitting quietly just after they wake up & just before they go to sleep (when our subconscious is in a more relaxed theta brain wave state, so we have maximum access to the subconscious mind for reprogramming it) in a meditative/altered state with their eyes closed saying out loud the same positive manifesting affirmation:

“I AM manifesting the freely available use of natural herbs, minerals and natural health care, education and information within the European Union for every one’s highest and best good. Thank you for this gift of Love”

While saying this, if we focus in our minds eye on the vision of this as already done and the loving feelings in our heart that its already done and then allow our system to move to naturally feeling the Gratitude (most important as this connects us to Source allowing us to bypass the ego programs creating the reality we don’t want in the first place) then it has to happen eventually. Especially if we have tens of millions of people doing it.

We are Conscious Masters of the Creation of our reality and that amount of positive manifesting energy from millions of people will overcome the negative reality being created by a much smaller number of unconscious EU & Government legislators who only seek to control human consciousness. Higher consciousness, especially Love and Truth, always overcomes lower consciousness in this reality.

The powers that be don’t want the majority of people to know that they have this sort of power because if everyone knew and acted upon this then our world would be a much better place. We would Create Heaven on Earth much more rapidly.

This process can be used for all the situations in your life big and small that you wish to change to something better.

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