Register of Practitioners

This register has been set up in an effort to deal with the huge demand of Divine Healing sessions. All the practitioners listed here are fully trained up to and including Divine Healing level 4. They have all shown great proficiency in terms of listening skills, the ability to hold space and of course their abilities as healers.

United Kingdom Practitioners

Gennye Lion Rainbow Anderzon   Gennye Lion Rainbow Anderzon
Phone: 07812 584 260
Location: Weybridge, Surrey
Sessions available in person, by phone and skype
Speciality: Family and children, Earth healing and space clearing, Anxiety, depression and mental health, Massage and intuitive therapies, soul contract readings
“Gennye has helped me survive a very traumatic episode in my life by helping me understand my true path while enabling me to clear my mind and also reducing the stress in my body through massage. I was able, with her guidance, to unlock and resolve deep rooted issues and therefore move forward feeling enlightened and free. Her insights and understanding of the human psyche is compelling.” Julie Welch, Weybridge


Marie Mckeever   Marie McKeever
Phone: 07894 334956
Location: NW London-  Kilburn/ Cricklewood
Sessions available in person, by phone and skype
I offer “Breakthrough Healing and Hypnosis” sessions: a blend of modalities such as Hypnotherapy, QHHT, Energy healing, and Coaching to support a person dealing with difficult life issues or transitions, particularly in relationships, career, health or finding their purpose. I specialize in helping people connect to their Soul Purpose, releasing people from the bonds, traumas, and blocks that prevent them from embodying this fully. I also blend Divine Healing as appropriate with QHHT as pioneered by Dolores Cannon over 40 years of Hypnotherapy. This includes past life regression and connecting with your higher self to find the answer to what is holding you back, your life’s purpose, or other burning questions.
I could clearly feel the layers of burden being unpacked and removed with love. I felt that Marie was walking through the layers of my life like we were time travelling and healing at the same time. I felt held during the session but it was not just through Marie’s words and positive intentions. The space in the room itself seemed to hold energy and power. Time seemed to shift, as time passed so quickly. I feel much lighter and more focused and balanced after the session.  Sophia, London


Sharon Ashdreeaz Gahyle   Sharon Ashdreeaz Gahyle
Phone: 07957 205004
Location: Hackney, London
Sessions available in person, by phone and skype
Speciality: When my father passed away in 2007, I was drawn to learn more about the spiritual side of life, to ease stress and create a more work life balance.
I am a healer and a practitioner in Reiki 1, Angelic Reiki levels 1-4 and Divine Healing, which enables me to deal with challenges in a less stressful manner, meditate more successfully in groups and to heal myself and others.
I specialise in Divine Healing, the universal law of ‘Ask and you shall receive’, Soul Contract Reading and Lightbody Integration work.
“I have known Sharon for a few years now, meeting as lightworkers, and have always found her a loving, supportive, compassionate soul.She is passionate about her service in working for the light, empowering herself and others.She is someone you feel comfortable opening up to and there is never any judgement.You just feel heard and understood.I had the most amazing experiences with Sharon during the Divine Healing sessions and will whole-heartedly recommend her to others.
I’m so happy to see Sharon embracing her inner wisdom and light and working in a way that truly resonates with her.I know she’ll empower and help awaken many other souls on their journey back to the light.”
  Maxine O’Connor, Spiritual Teacher & Complementary Therapist


Suzan Joy Wells   Suzan Joy Wells
Phone: 07795 517157
Location: Walton-on-Thames, Surrey
Sessions available in person, by phone and skype
Speciality: Transformational Workshops, Rekindling Your Soul Wisdom, Intuitive Life Coaching
“I have been a healer for 14 years and had many healing sessions from all sorts of practitioners all over the world. I always feel that the universe gives me what I need when I need it for my next evolution and therefore connected me with Suzan to heal a very deep pattern of self-destruction and separation that has kept me imprisoned in my own pain for all this life! When I worked with her I felt she connected with me like no other healer as if reading my hearts feelings, reading my soul and taking the healing in the way my soul needed.  It was incredible connection like no other I have felt before while doing this work! I am very grateful for space she held for me which felt safe, clear boundaries and a deep knowing of when the work was complete not stopping before the ego tried to convince us it was complete!!  Which it has always got away with in the past! A complete healing.  I highly recommend her and look forward to having her deep insight wisdom and connection in the future.” L Gray


Tu’LahnKahMaiya King (Maiya)   Tu’LahnKahMaiya King (Maiya)
Phone: 07845 123 579
Location: Nottingham
Sessions available in person, by phone and skype
Speciality: My life is focused on ascension & realising my full potential as a soul. I have been expanding with the Temple of Self Ascension and the Center for Conscious Ascension for many years & with other Ascension based groups to further my growth. In addition to being a Divine Healing Master Key Practitioner, I am an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, a certified Self Ascension Coach, an AVESA Quantum Healer, a Gaiadon Heart Facilitator and a Soul Contract Reader. My purpose is to assist others in awakening to crystalline light.
“Maiya is a rare find.In her sessions, she combines professionalism with sensitivity, good listening, understanding and intuition to create genuine results.Maiya really does read problems accurately and works energetically to make a difference.The issues that came up for me, you just can’t make them up! I felt a genuine shift which continued throughout the week.A lot of stuff came up and I was able to release during this time span and what is a normally stressful time of the working calendar for me was handled with calmness and clarity. I am grateful for all the remarkable changes Maiya has helped me to bring into my life.”


Gina Butler   Gina Butler
Landline: 01702 466 896
Mobile: 07763 929 287
Location: Southend-on-Sea, Essex and West Hampstead, London
Sessions available in person, on the phone and on Skype.
I can offer: Kinesiology, Divine Healing, Soul contract readings, Access consciousness, Geopathic stress, Angelic Reiki, Vitali-chi, EFT, Quantum K, Inner child work and Spiritual advisor. I aim to bring my clients into balance and harmony on all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. I am empathic and have a strong connection with the Divine when I am working.
“I have known Gina as a holistic therapist for about 10 years and have always found her treatments to be highly beneficial. She has integrated Divine Healing into her practice and is such a natural with this work. Gina is someone you feel instantly at ease with. She is empathic and has so much passion for helping people.   I’ve always come away feeling uplifted, energised and enlightened to things she’s discovered that are buried in my cellular memory. The treatments are not only relaxing and healing, but you learn so much about yourself. The divine healing is a very powerful modality and I feel the energy at work during the sessions. Gina offers a safe space with the utmost professionalism and years of experience as a healer. I feel blessed to know her, and that I have someone that has always helped me transition out of some challenges in life. I would highly recommend a treatment with Gina, and have indeed recommended her to many people over the years.” Maxine O’Connor


USA Practitioners

Barbera Ammahlia Schaefer-Berdner   Barbera Ammahlia Schaefer-Berdner
Phone:  415-797-7749
Location:  Northern California
Sessions available by phone and skype
Through life’s near misses, traumas, and health issues women are often clouded by who they are not. I walk with them as they learn to embody their soul signature, allowing them to live heaven on earth. I healed myself from a traumatic brain injury, death experience, autoimmune diseases, and breast cancer. Also acted as a guide for my spouse while he navigated stage 4 throat cancer and is now 100% healthy, as are many of my clients free from the dis-eases they battle.
Services offered: Lightbody Surgery, Divine Healing, Soul Contract Reading, Name Optimization, Business Naming Services.
“It was a privilege working with Barbera. Being a light worker myself I am very particular who and what forms of light body work I will allow to be done on me. She is skilled, informed, has integrity and has discernment, which in my opinion is hard to find in the “healing” community. On a personal level she has done her personal work and continues to move through universal challenges that come her way. That to me is important in having a grounded practitioner and one who is willing to go to great length to heal herself in alignment of divine will. Blessings” Joanne Lee


Lynda Adelle Sloan   Lynda Adelle Sloan
Phone: 1-303-506-1910
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Sessions available by Zoom, phone or on-site
Services: Integrative therapies, Advanced Divine Healing, Soul Contract Readings, Lightbody Integration, Manifestation Mentoring, Dream Interpretation, Space Clearing and Design
Lynda is a multidimensional healer, integrative therapist, intuitive reader, mentor, artist and soul friend. She has been an advocate for self-healing for over 40 years and walks her talk. A warm weather creature Lynda spends most of her time in the Southwestern U.S. but enjoys traveling whenever possible.  She has trained in both the U.S. and Europe and offers personal and group healing sessions, readings, intuitive consulting and mentoring packages. Her speciality is clearing and releasing energies that are no longer of service for the reconnection and embodiment of one’s Divine Creative Essence.
“Absolutely life changing! The work has really helped me in ways that no one else has.  It has allowed me to work through ‘issues’ that I do not know how to navigate through.  Lynda has the ability and gift to help you where you are at, get you where you want to go with very fast results.   She understands the dynamics of the Soul Contract and can help you maximize the life you want to manifest.  I’ve never experienced anything like it! “
~ Lori Wilson, Pennsylvania
Cryztal Feith Lawless
Phone:  843-655-2667
Location: Woodstock, Georgia, USA
Sessions:  Available via Zoom
Services: Lightbody Integration, Advanced Divine Healing, Soul Detective, Light Language, Clearing the Human Blueprint, Emotion Code, The Body Code, NeuroModulation Technique, Reiki Master Teacher, Integrative Energy Therapy Master Teacher, Accunect Connect/Zoom/Advanced Wisdom and Aumakhua-Ki.
Cryztal is a Walk-in and Light Language Channel. Her passion is assisting Empaths, Starseeds, Earth Angels, Walk-ins and Embodied Light Beings to increase their capacity to love, learn, heal, integrate the higher frequencies, ground their Soul into the physicality; enabling them to hold more light and energy & maximize their effectiveness as they step into their power and live their mission.  Cryztal is an Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church.
“Cryztal is an amazing healer who uses her intuition and higher being connections to connect to you and complete your light body work. The sessions allowed us to combine both our intuitions and connections to bring forth my highest levels of healing during the sessions. I have had major shifts in my life since completing the sessions and it has been wonderful to just be along for the ride. “
Niki K., Virginia, USA