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Chintan & Sarjan would like to invite you to a men's group where we will explore what ignites the true connection with the masculine essence and also what prevents it. In this group there will be Qi Gong practice with Sarjan who is an experienced teacher and also sharings, exercises, play, meditation.

Would you like to:

  • Regain confidence and self-esteem and get out from stagnation?
  • Reconnect with the energy of your animal nature in a safe manner?
  • Rediscover what really matters to you?
  • Find your strength amid the chaos?
  • Reconnect with your genuine sexuality?

In this group we will:

  • Create a space where men can connect with each other in a safe manner.
  • Facilitate the reconnection with your intention and your natural centre, your inner witness.
  • Find out and formulate what are the things that matter more than anything else in your life that define your behaviour.
  • Discover how to enhance your love-making capacity.
  • Learn how to adapt yourself to old and new challenges and situations.
  • Give space to your animal nature which acts as a tremendous reservoir of energy.
  • Experiment and learn some Qi Gong practices that help you feel centred in your masculine energy.

Workshop details:




Fee: £240

Deposit: £80

For bookings or enquiries contact Chintan on or phone him on 07835 899 250


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