Coaching Sessions for Men


Would you like to:

  • Regain your centre as a man and act from there in order to face each day with confidence, joy and passion?
  • Learn ways to be happy in your relationships?
  • Have the possibility to transform your limitations, your areas of stuckness into a full and flowing creativity?
  • Become more fluid with your emotions in order to express them in truth and consciousness, without resentment or anger?

How a coaching session may help you:

  • Gain more confidence
  • Clarify your needs and values
  • Unblock your stuckness
  • Improve your sexuality in a creative way and being a better lover
  • Improve your relationship skills
  • Transform your limitations
  • Accept and flow with your emotions
  • Be the presence, find your strength amid the chaos
  • Give you structure for how to be in your power
  • Rediscover the natural joy in the role of a man
  • Learn ways for centring yourself
  • Strengthen your connection to your body
  • Develop trust in the connection with men

Us men are now for some time in the middle of a deep crisis, a kind of mutation. Formerly manliness appeared straightforward, every man looked for a masculine ideal or role model, which was clearly defined in our popular culture. There were lots of models of virility to be identified with. However, now we know that all these images are worn out and exceeded, they have shown their limits; we cannot rely on them any more. Of course there is the image of the father, but for some this is non-existent or at best is very diminished.

This absence of references or supports can create unease, a state of uncertainty or confusion, an anxiety, a questioning, a lack of confidence or a state of apathy. This can show itself especially when we are facing an issue or a challenge and feel destabilized.

This is an invitation to create a new adjustment and a re-defining in our role as men.

This new identity can be re-defined only by us, among men, through a personal inner work and also by developing trusting relationships with other men.

Actually, this real identity, this real self was always there, hidden behind the bush…

Certainly there are eternal values, which belong to the community of men, and it is up to us to connect again with them through an accompanied realization and a conscious effort to live and express them in order to be a better man in our relationships and our commitments in our daily life.

Better to light a candle than curse the darkness…

I am a coach and a facilitator for men, women and couples. But as a man and father, I appreciate accompanying and supporting men to enlighten what concerns them, what are the most important values they are able to integrate into their life. So that they can find their centre, get up and act from it.

Sessions take place in my home, or outside during a walk and also by Skype. It depends the situation what we would like to explore, the issue…and the weather of course. A session is £70 an hour, £100 for 1.5 hours.

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